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Independent artists can find themselves running lonely careers through unique hurdles. Which venues in which to perform and when! Which merchandise to market where! How to record with artistic trends without losing originality. Engaging a community of fellow musicians provides a pool of guidance. We can learn from others who are seasoned in the industry. Over the years Sage Audio has found that the same artistic topics arise time and time again. So we decided to shed some light on the questions most frequently asked.

What are Mechanical Royalties?

The simple understanding of Mechanical Royalties are royalties that are paid to a songwriter whenever a copy of their song is made.  As with many avenues in the music industry, it’s always a little more complicated then it can seem.  So, we’ve tried to simply it here.

Tips On Songwriting

There is no one formula to songwriting. Song composer is a unique experience that is based around talent, creativity and discipline. You can however purposefully engage with your talent, creativity and discipline to make the most out of the song writing process.

Building Your Website

If you’re ready to create a website or you’re looking to revamp your existing site, it’s important to know the musician do’s and don’ts  of what to have on your site.  As you advance as an artist there may be missing out on what aspects to add to your site. In this video we’re looking at tips in creating a website for the beginning independent artist.  

Building Your Band

If you’re an independent artist that’s looking to build your band, it can be hard to know where to start. What are the important attributes to consider? 

Used Gear For The Win

Independent artists will often be faced with the choice of investing into new music equipment or the decision to trust pre-loved equipment. Our artists have found there are many advantages to buying 2nd hand equipment. In this article, we’ll look at these advantages and give you some suggestions on how to approach buying these items with wisdom.   

Lingua Musica Funke!

Music has always influenced the way we think and the way we speak. Whether you write it, play it, or listen to it, Find out how music has funkyfied your life!

Merchandise Distribution Companies 

All artist’s know how good it feels to see your band’s name or logo on a button, poster, or t-shirt. But, more important than that euphoria, merchandise done well can be an important money making tool. In our previous article “Merchandise Tips” we discussed multiple tips that can aid independent artists in everything from creative branding to inventory. The next best step is to look at some of the different Physical and Digital Merchandise companies our artists have recommended and a few details of what they offer.    

The Networking Game

Most musicians understand the importance of networking for their future careers in the music industry.  Even if connecting with a publisher or label seems out of reach for you, our artists have found there are tips to successful networking. In this article,  we’re sharing some tips on some do’s and don’t’s when approaching networking in the music industry.

Performers in Garb

Fashion and performance have been wed to the culture and values of the performer since musicians began to perform. But the added need to market recordings upped the ante for artists to develop on-stage personas that carried over to the recording side of the market. So, we had the dress “uniforms” of bands and music groups of the 1940’s through the mid 1960’s; the Mo-Town tuxedos, the do-wop ensembles, the mop head mod suited Brits. Group garb was homogenous. Even Elvis buffered his radical wardrobe with the level-headed ensembles of the Jordanaires. All of this finally gave way to the costume rock and the individualized garb of the late sixties and beyond.

Copyrighting Your Song

It’s important to know your way around the copyrighting process as soon as you begin to create music. Any original combination of melody and words may be copyrighted. In this article we’re look at some of the finer details involved in copyrighting, from what it does and doesn’t cover, to how much it costs.