Imogen Heap Launches MIDI Glove Kickstarter

Mi.Mo gloves will let users run their DAW touchlesslyImogen Heap has long been on the fringe of using new technology in her music production process. And her new Kickstarter is no exception to that.

Mi.Mo Gloves are a device that users can wear to operate their DAW. “I always feel that clicking a mouse or pressing a button or moving a fader never allow me to interact expressively with the music that I’m creating,” Heap says in the Kickstarter video. Mi.Mo is her answer to that problem.

The gloves feature an array of sensors that can detect hand gestures and movements. Accompanying software will allow users to customize the movements and gestures to their own system and incorporate it into Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and other DAWs.

Once learned, users of Mi.Mo would be able to manipulate parameters and input MIDI notes without having to touch anything. The live application is that musicians could “perform” music with sampled patches rather than using a traditional (and untheatrical) MIDI controller. In the campaign’s video, Heap can be seen producing a beat by playing “air drums.”

Currently, the Kickstarter campaign for Mi.Mo is over 30% funded with just under three weeks to go. Whether or not they will take off is hard to say, but it’s likely that they’re among the first of many breakthroughs in the digital music production world moving away from the clumsy mouse towards a more organic and natural interface.