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Professional Online Audio Mixing

Mixing is a blending of both art and science. Sage Audio utilizes a high fidelity mixing room that allows every nuance of a song to be addressed. The room is professionally tuned to provide the most detail and best possible sound. In addition we have a variety of analog and digital equipment that allow us to take a mix and make it shine. Experience is one of the most overlooked elements in mixing. When building a mix, Sage Audio brings years of experience combined with detailed acoustics and specialized mixing equipment that allow the vision of each artist to come to life. If you're looking to have your mix polished by a professional ear, or want us to mix your project from the start, we can help give your music the sound you want.

In addition to our affordable mixing rates, we also include mastering for all mixing projects. If you would prefer to have your own mastering engineer finish the mix just let us know.

The Mixing Process

Nashville Mixing StudioWhen starting a mix we address each track for sonic integrity. We reference them with the entire mix to blend each sound together and create the desired balance. Keeping a mix clear and defined while retaining excellent dynamics can be challenging. This is accomplished by using proper equalization, gating/expansion, compression, automation, fades, and effects. In some cases vocal and instrument augmentation with specialized processors can enhance the mix and bring it to a professional level. Additionally, after combining each track to create the full performance, mix bus equalization, compression, and stereo imaging, takes a mix to the final stage before mastering of the final mix begins.

Online Mixing Service

Equipment used for MixingWere based in Nashville, Tennessee, but working with Sage Audio from any location is easy. Every aspect of your project can be managed online. Once you've uploaded your tracks and spoken to our engineers about the direction you want to take your songs we'll begin to mix the project. It's important to give the mixing engineer as much information as possible about the sound that you're looking for, as well as any reference songs you have. This will help minimize song revisions and ensure that your mixes sound exactly like you want and are completed on time. Mixing is creative process so some slight adjustments after you hear the final mix may be needed. During the entire process you'll be able to communicate directly with your engineer to ensure that your songs sound the way you want them to.

Standard Mixing Service

Sage Audio Studio PhotoAfter your tracks have been recorded we offer professional online audio mixing from start to finish. We'll speak with you about the sound you're looking for, listen to any artist references you have, and begin to mix your song. Along the way we'll work closely with you to achieve the sound you're looking for. When the mix is complete we'll send you a pre-master version for approval. If there are any revisions needed they will be addressed at this point and we offer a free mix revision for each song. Please note that full track replacements will be subject to a revision fee. Once you're happy with the sound we'll send the song in for mastering and you'll be able to download the final version from your online account. If you're working on a full album we can sequence the songs onto a CD or DDP file, or you may download the individual WAV files to burn yourself.

Professional Re-Mix

Sage Audio Mixing StudioMany of our clients have already had their songs previously mixed. Often they've created the mix themselves and just need some help taking it to a professional level. We've got the experience and equipment to make your mix stand out, and can help you finalize your mix. We'll take individual tracks, or your entire session and create a professionally mixed song. When you're satisfied with the sound we'll upload the final mix to your account for download.

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