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New Tips for Making Money in Today’s Music Industry Pt. 2

For some, the term ‘music business’ seems like an oxymoron. While it’s not always easy to succeed professionally in music, it can certainly still be done. Following up on our post ‘New Tips for Making Money in Today’s Music Industry,’ here are two more suggestions for how you can take advantage of the ways that technology has transformed the music industry.

Album Art 101

If you self-publish your music, you may want to consider making your own album art. Creating it isn’t as difficult as it seems. By following these three tips you can produce a professional looking cover for your music on your own.

How to Edit ID3 Tags for MP3

If you’re distributing your music in MP3 format, you should take advantage of the ID3 tag technology that allows you to embed track names, album names, artist information, copyright, year and even album art into the MP3 file. This allows your fans to have all of the information they need to engage with your music and share it with others.

Making the Scene: Nashville

As Nashville, aka Music City, grows over the years it has even been declared the New “It” City. Inspired by a recent book, the Sage Audio Mastering blog takes a look at what it takes to make it in Nashville. We explore tactics that definitely don’t work.

Great American Song Contest

The Great American Song Contest has awards for 50 winners in 10 categories and $10,000 in prizes. All entrants receive a detailed evaluation from their outstanding judges. The submission deadline is October 31, 2013.

Dismemberment Plan Release New Album and Shoutabl, a Music Social Network

Dismemberment Plan is gearing up to release its first album in 12 years. Additionally, the group’s frontman, Travis Morrison, is working to build a new social network called Shoutabl. Shoutabl is aimed towards DIY musicians. While the service is still being developed, here we take a look at the advantages it could offer music artists.

Google+ to allow SoundCloud Embeds

While social media should be a great way to promote and share music, it often proves cumbersome in practice. Currently at the top of the social media heap, Facebook has never been too friendly to music artists wanting to share music. Google+ is looking to make social music sharing easier by allowing users and artists to embed SoundCloud songs directly on their profiles.