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Two Unconventional Ways to Build an Online Fan Base

The Internet has afforded today’s musicians some incredible tools for connecting with and building a fan base. And, as online social equity becomes more and more of a status symbol in the music business, it’s never been more important for artists maintain and develop a strong social media following. Here are two less traditional tips for building up your Internet fan base.

The Future According to Taylor Swift

In a recent Wall Street Journal OP-ED, Taylor Swift shared an overall optimistic view of the future of the music industry. While new challenges certainly do exist for artists, the world’s top-selling musician believes that the key to success in the future is doing a better job of engaging fans and creating memorable experiences for them.

Youtube Stiffs Indie Labels

Youtube’s new streaming service has already locked in deals with the major record labels, but negotiations with indie labels are on the rocks as the video streaming giant is offering them the short end of the stick. Here’s what indie labels are saying about the deal.

Dismemberment Plan Release New Album and Shoutabl, a Music Social Network

Dismemberment Plan is gearing up to release its first album in 12 years. Additionally, the group’s frontman, Travis Morrison, is working to build a new social network called Shoutabl. Shoutabl is aimed towards DIY musicians. While the service is still being developed, here we take a look at the advantages it could offer music artists.

Google+ to allow SoundCloud Embeds

While social media should be a great way to promote and share music, it often proves cumbersome in practice. Currently at the top of the social media heap, Facebook has never been too friendly to music artists wanting to share music. Google+ is looking to make social music sharing easier by allowing users and artists to embed SoundCloud songs directly on their profiles.

Facebook And Twitter Execs Discuss Future Of Music In Social Media

Social Media Executives discuss the future of their products being used to help the music industry for both the app developers and independent artists. Parse is a tool used to develop apps that inspire exceptional user integration and experience. Facebook purchased the company in April and it is a service that runs apps across multiple platforms. Twitter first integrated music app, #Music, is in its beginning stages but hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to see the prosperity from this music app.

Why SoundCloud Is Great For Independent Artists

SoundCloud is aspiring to be the new go to tool for independent artists. It can help promote an independent artist by building a following, rewarding your returning fans, receiving critiques from other musicians/fans, and also seeing what kind of demographic you are affecting as an independent artist. All of these reasons is why SoundCloud is currently the go to music social network of choice but it seems that Myspace is planning on making them work for it because the new release of MySpace will target just that, independent artists.

How Twitter’s #Music Will Benefit Independent Artists

Twitter just released #Music, its first music app. #Music has song recommendations that is specific to each individual user and they are divided in five different categories: Popular, Emerging, Suggested, #NowPlaying, and Me. All music recommended in each of the categories is determined by how many times the artists are mentioned on Twitter. There are three ways to listen to recommended music and the default of this app is a thirty second clip from iTunes. The other two are for users that are subscribed to Spotify or Rdio and they can sign in and listen to the full version of any track that is in one of their recommended categories. There are a few drawbacks of #Music that range from it being a separate app that is not integrated with Twitters natural platform to lack of access. With how early it is at this point in the app’s life it is hard to tell how much the app will be used and how big of a force it will be in the music community. As a result of #Music being based entirely on the number of tweets about an artist, bands must use this as a tool in their social marketing to help boost and engage a community of online fans.