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1 Technique to Separate Your Kick & Bass

The low end of your mixes contain the most powerful frequencies. If left unchecked these frequencies can wreak havoc on your mix and master.

That’s why it’s so important to create a clear separation between your kick and bass, the two most prominent low end instruments in your mix.

Fortunately using just one simple technique, you can create this clarity easily.

Follow these two steps if you want to accomplish a clean low end, with a distinguished kick and bass.

Part 1: Amplify and Attenuate

Step 1: Insert your favorite EQ on both the kick and bass

Place Eq On Track

Step 2: Create a bell filter at 80Hz. on both EQs.

Pro Q at 80Hz

Step 3: Set a wider Q, to sound natural, but not too wide.

Step 4: Attenuate the curve on the bass track and amplify the curve on the kick track. Use your ears and a frequency analyzer to determine how much you need to attenuate and amplify.

Boosting the Kick Drum at 80Hz

Part 2: Pan Left & Right

Step 1: Pan the kick to one side a small amount, and the bass to the opposite side a small amount.

-5, +5 Panpot

Listen to the changes in the context of your full mix and adjust accordingly.


This technique serves as a great foundation for mixing your low end instrumentation. Next, you can start experimenting with compression, coloration, whatever you feel would make their sounds distinctive, and sit well in the mix.

How do you separate your Kick and Bass?