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Building Your Band

If you're an independent artist that's looking to build your band, it can be hard to know where to start. What are the important attributes to consider? Calculating ahead of time what your ideal band member is can help you set the right initial expectations. Thoroughly interviewing and screening potential members is even wiser. And although many beginners believe what's most important is just the musical talent of a potential member, our artists have found other attributes to be as crucial. Here are some tips on how to approach finding band members, as well as how to calculate if they're the right fit for you.

Music ability

This goes without saying, obviously being a musician that’s reached a professional music talent level is important. When auditioning make sure to choose varying songs for the artist so that you can see how adaptable the player is. After auditioning, take into consideration some other connection points before moving forward.

Previous experience

Have they been involved in a successful band before? If this is your first experience in building a band, the importance of having someone who can collaborate, listen, and that you genuinely get along with is priceless. Many bands suffer because of behind the scenes difficulties between personalities. During the audition process, if you can get an idea about this person's reputation, stability, and how they've dealt with conflict in their past band relationships, this could bring longevity to your band. Which is always the goal. Many of our artists say it comes down to a gut feeling as to whether the person they're interviewing will be a good fit for their group.

Work ethic

The rock 'n' roll lifestyle can get intense. Although you want an interesting person on stage, having a valued work ethic for your band means they will show up on time for sound checks and rehearsals, help load and unload if needed, and to the preparation work like the rest of you.

Presence and connection

Find someone that has the right stage presence and connect with fans not only on stage but off stage when in person. If it's a singer you need to find for your band, it's crucial to recognize that this person will be not only be representing you and your band on stage but how they act off stage with fans, the press and the industry will speak volumes.

Now that you have some character reference points to look out for, where are some places to scout for a quality band member?

Use both an online and an old school physical approach to get the word out that you’re looking. This will open more doors for you.

Try some traditional advertising and post at your local record store. Although the market has changed, vinyl stores are busier than ever. There are many free online sources that you can utilize to create a quick and professional looking flier or poster.

And when online check out some key internet sites to link up with. Sites like

  • Gumtree
  • Join my band
  • Bandmix
  • Meet and Jam
  • Jamkazam

Are different sites that are dedicated to collaborating musicians. And craigslist still has a musicians section that’s posted on daily.

Utilize your local community

Ask around on your online and offline music community. Attend some open mic nights and speak to the locals. Local studios will often know the inside scoop of who's available and who's good. Recommendations from people who've been in the industry for awhile and know their way around is always valuable.

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