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How to Make a One-Sheet

How To Make A One-Sheet

After you have recorded, mixed, and used an online mastering service such as Sage Audio, it's time to get your music out there and heard. The first place to start is to create a one sheet of your band to send out to music directors at record labels, radio DJ's, and magazine editors. A one-sheet is exactly what it sounds like, one sheet of information about yourself as an artist or your band to include with a CD of your music. It is a simple, concise, attention grabber that informs your audience exactly what you and your music are all about.

Simplicity is the number one goal when designing your sheet. Try not to over complicate it with multiple images, numerous fonts, and useless information. It is great to incorporate some design to make your sheet stand out from the rest, but try to do it in a tasteful, professional manner. Start by including only an image of your band, album cover, and perhaps a logo. Limit the number of fonts to only one or two, readability is key. Omit excess biographical information such as what equipment you use, how long you've been playing, etc. If the reader wants more background information they can check it out on your website or request more info from you. Be sure to include your web address, label info, and publicist if possible. Also, tell them which tracks are the "singles" and if they have any explicit content. Keep in mind that a lot of the people reading your press material look at hundreds of others every week, so make the information easy to access at a glance. The primary questions that you should try to answer for the reader are:

What exactly am I looking at?

Why should I care?

What type of music is this?

What tracks are the best?

What other bands do they sound like that I've heard?

What album is this? First or fifth?

How do I contact them?

It is a great idea to include quotes from other people about the band/artist, well-known people on the tracks or that have produced them, magazine reviews, and bigger shows or venues that you've performed. Include a brief summary of what type of music genres you combine to give the reader a good idea of what you're about. Constantly update your info over time as your band changes: keep it current. Also, know the audience that your sending your one-sheet to and do your homework on them. For example, if you are a pop-punk band, don't send your music to a DJ that plays only country, dance, or hip-hop. Save yourself some time and money by contacting each person you want to send your press kit to before you mail it out. Talk to them via e-mail, over the phone, or by mail and make sure the address is completely accurate. If someone does decide to feature your music it is a great idea to write them a thank you letter and keep in contact.

A one sheet is a great starting point in expanding the reach of your music and putting it in the hands of people with extensive connections. The one-sheet is a great way to get your foot in the door of the music world, but don't simply rely on the one sheet. Get your music sounding its best with great recording, mixing, and music mastering services and let the music speak for itself.

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Make Pro Songs
The #1 Audio Engineering Membership For Turning Your Mixes Into Professional Songs