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Indie International Songwriting Contest

The Indie International Songwriting Contest is an annual song competition to give appreciation to some of the best emerging songwriters in the world, help grow their talent, and provide useful tools for promoting the success of the artist. Over $54,000 in useful prizes awarded! They are the first contest of its kind to be conducted completely online.

Songwriting contest

Unlike other song competitions, all entries remain absolutely anonymous to their judges. Production value is not taken into consideration. Songs are judged based on originality, melody, composition, lyrics and phrasing. Choose between a Basic Entry (numerical score) or a Written Critique (judge gives feedback on melody, composition, phrasing, etc.) All first and second place winners will also be featured on the front page of the Indie International website for the duration of the next contest, as well as the winner’s page with the rest of their awarded songwriters.

Indie International Songwriting Contest has a wide-pool of some of the best experienced judges out there. Alex Forbes is included in this pool of judges. She has numerous Billboard-charting singles, over 95 releases, and millions of album sales under her belt. Another judge straight from Nashville, TN is Alissa Moreno. She has had songs in numerous films and tv shows including How I Met Your Mother , Will and Grace , Greek , Laguna Beach , The Hills , The City , Newport Harbor , and many more. She also wrote the Grammy nominated hit song “Every Day” for Rascal Flatts. Another judge from Indie International Songwriting Contest is Karl Louis. He is a former A&R person for Limp Bizkit at Flip Records, Manager at Warren Entner Management (Deftones, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine), Writer/Marketing for leading trade publication HITS magazine (, and Creator/Writer of the A&R column for industry trade magazine The Album Network (bought by Clear Channel).

Indie International is the greenest song competition on the planet! No CDs, no bubble mailers, no judge forms! Indie International will be making a charitable donation to the Nature Conservatory by planting 10 trees in each of the names of our first place winners.

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