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Iphone and Ipad in the Studio

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Nowadays, people are constantly on their phone texting, talking, surfing the web, playing games, and doing countless other activities throughout the day. Usually phones are frowned upon in a studio setting, but there are actually a lot of useful purposes for your phone during the process of recording and producing music. This list will help you discover some apps for your Iphone and Ipad to help improve your music in the palm of your hand before it is sent in for music mastering.

  • An easy way to record guitar riffs or melodies is through the voice memo that comes with the Iphone and Ipad or download the app iRecorder Pro which allows you to easily record and send recordings via e-mail.
  • There are countless synths, drum machines, control surfaces like a piano, and samples that can be added to your songs through a variety of apps. A great drum machine app to check out is EasyBeats.
  • There are transport control apps that provide a remote control for your Digital Audio Work Station such as ProTransport. This would be ideal for the musician recording themselves and would save them the trouble from having to get up and down from their instrument to start or stop a recording.
  • Quiztones will help you really hone in on your listening skills. This will help improve playing exactly in tune and improve your mixing and mastering music skills.
  • The iPad would be a great replacement for sheets of paper with lyrics scribbled on them for vocalists to easily read and scroll through as they recorded.
  • OSCemote allows the user to have control over mixing and added effects.
  • Document the studio experience with photos and videos with your device. This would allow you to share with your friends the hard work you've put into your music and the awesome studio you're laying down tracks in.
  • There are countless, free metronome apps which is a necessity for every musician.
  • A musical calculator could come in extremely handy for converting those tough conversions. musicMath is a great tool that also includes a tap tempo feature.
  • To get the ultimate sound proof recording space you can search for sounds that your ear might not catch by using the Amplitude app.

This list will help you turn your device into a useful tool. Now your phone can be used for much more than just texting and playing games. Transform your phone into a musical machine and get the best out of the music you create and love.

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