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Modern Producers Is A One Stop Shop

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Modern Producers , a VST and sample production studio offering a multitude of products for producers at any level of their career.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer looking for another plugin to add some new plugins to your mixing arsenal or an amateur artists who wants some loops to build a track off of, Modern Producers has a variety of digital products to help you take your project up a notch.

Their plugins, sample libraries and VSTs are compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Fruityloops and Ableton and can often be downloaded directly as a custom bundle for your specific DAW. And, many of the products Modern Producers offers are one-of-a-kind. With several high-quality vocal and instrumental loops, along with dozens of customizable ethnic sounds, their royalty-free samples serve as an excellent starting point for creating unique pop, EDM, hip hop and even orchestral music.

What's more, Modern Producers’ products are very fairly priced, which means you’re free to build your library of sonic textures even on a limited budget. Perhaps the coolest service they offer, though, is the option to order custom vocals for a track. Whether you need someone to sing or rap, they can have a vocal track recorded and delivered to you within seven days.

It’s companies like Modern Producers that make producing music in today’s digital age so exciting. By leveraging the digital distribution infrastructure of the Internet, they’re able to offer music makers all of the tools and sounds needed to create a great sounding track from home for a fraction of what it would cost to record new samples or collaborate with a live vocalist. You can literally get started making music with their products within the hour and have a great sounding mix.