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Nashville as the New “It” City

You know, there’s a good reason we here at Sage Audio like to specify that we’re a Nashville mastering studio, even though we provide our online mastering services to clients all over the world. We’re proud of our city and most of its history, as well as the huge amount of opportunities it provides to those of us in the music industry today.

So of course we like it when others in different parts of the country recognize how great Nashville is, which is exactly what happened when the New York Times published an article titled “Nashville’s Latest Big Hit Could Be the City Itself” earlier this year.

Here are some facts about Nashville quoted in the article:

  • The city ranks in the top five regions for job growth in a recent Gallup poll
  • It has been called one of the best places to begin a technology startup
  • GQ magazine calls it “Nowville.”

And none of this mentions the pure charm of the city, which maintains a relatively small feel while still being big enough to offer something for nearly everyone, no matter your interests. But I’m not trying to write a love letter here. More interesting to me was the article’s look into why Nashville is the new Portland, the new Austin -- the new “it” city.

Really, the success is due to a few major industries in town that all have performed relatively well during the recent recession compared to other industries in other parts of the country. These include health care management, car manufacturing and higher education.

But of course, none of those industries contribute as much to the city as the music industry, which is described as the “bedrock of Nashville’s economy.” There’s a reason we’re known as Music City, you know.

My guess is that part of the point of the Times article is to dispel the stereotype that we are still only interested in country music around here. When hearing about the honky tonks down on Broadway, many probably assume they can expect a heaping of George Jones covers when they walk through the doors, but the fact is that in many of them you’re just as likely to hear covers of “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

Next to the honky tonks, Bridgestone Arena welcomes some of the biggest acts in the country, and you’re about as likely to see Aerosmith or Springsteen playing a show as Taylor Swift (though to be fair, Swift will probably play more nights at the arena than the other two).

Additionally, Nashville also is receiving a broader national notice because of ABC’s new show “Nashville,” and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean says the show makes the city look great. We recently wrote about how realistic major music industry players think the show is.

Anyway, all this is to offer just a little celebration of the many-pronged attractions of our city, and to explain why we proudly refer to ourselves as a Nashville mastering studio. We are happy to be a part of the “it” city, and look forward to its continued growth.

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