Sage Audio Mastering Blog

Mastering is an extremely important part of the audio engineering process, yet it remains something of a misunderstood art form to many. In it’s simplest definition, vinyl, digital and CD mastering adds the “finishing touch” to a song that makes it ready for distribution and radio play.

With the Sage Audio Mastering Blog, we’re putting together a collection of articles to help those who have questions about mastering. Articles will vary widely in subject, and range from the definition of mastering, to the differences in mastering for CD and vinyl, to how to prepare your mixes for mastering, and many more topics concerning mastering.

But more than that, we want the Sage Audio Mastering Blog to be a resource for anyone interested in the music industry in general. Therefore we want to keep you up to date on studio news, new products, and really, any other subjects that strike us as something that musicians, CD mastering engineers, producers and anyone else in the music industry might be interested in.

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Since Sage Audio focuses primarily on providing our CD mastering services to independent artists, we want to make sure the news items and articles on our mastering blog pertain to those artists. We’ll try and share any news we feel is important to the indie scene, and any new products that might help indie artists record, play and distribute their music.

We do this for the same reason we offer free mastering previews for any prospective clients that haven’t previously worked with Sage Audio. It works like this: you upload your final mix through our easy-to-use upload system, and we’ll send you back 1 to 2 minute mastered sample of your song.

While we strongly encourage you to listen to the before and after samples of songs provided on the Sage Audio homepage, the best way to hear what our CD mastering services can do for you is to hear final masters of your own songs. Our high quality mastering services are among the best in the industry, and we offer them a price that is significantly less than other top quality mastering studios.

Want to hear what Sage Audio can do for you? Head to our Artist Account page to sign up for you account, and then upload your songs through the quick upload system. Once we are finished with your sample, we’ll send you an email and you can download the finished product in the same up-loader.

Here’s to making your good music sound even better with Sage Audio.