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Mastering Engineer GEEKS OUT on Limiter Plugin

  Today we’ll look at what might be the most advanced limiter plugin on the market.  Whereas other limiters focus on the aesthetics or the design, this one focuses primarily on functionality and giving engineers the most freedom as possible. We’ll look at the Voxengo Elephant limiter and discuss why it’s possibly the most comprehensive […]

Mastering With $3000+ Worth of Plugins

  Subtractive EQ – Weiss EQ1: $549 De-essing – Weiss De-Ess: $199 Subtractive EQ – Oeksound Soothe 2: $219 Tape Emulation – u-he Satin Tape: $129 Saturation- FabFilter Saturn 2: $154 Additive EQ – Chandler Curve Bender: $299 Send > Parallel Compression – Chandler Germanium Compressor: $249 Send > Parallel EQ – FabFilter Pro Q3 […]

5 FREE VST Mastering Plugins

  1. NOVA – Tokyo Dawn Labs 2. Air Shelf – Bertom Audio 3. FIVER – Analog Obsession 4. Refine – lkjb 5. FreeClip – Venn Audio Good free mastering plugins are becoming easier and easier to come by.  It seems like each week something new and exciting comes out. Some of the plugins on […]

Top 6 FREE Vocal Plugins | PRO Sound!

  1. Yoin – Owl O’ Lantern 2. Space Modulator – Valhalla DSP 3. Frequency Echo – Valhalla DSP 4. Flying Delay – SuperFly DSP 5. Mage – Beat Assist 6. BPB Saturator – Bedroom Producers Blog There are new and exciting plugins coming out every day.  Some of these are great for producing vocals […]

Top 4 FREE Tape Emulation Plugins!

  Tape Cassette & Tape Cassette 2 by Caelum Audio Chow Tape Model by ChowDSP Cassette Transport by Wavesfactory Bonus: Reelbus by Toneboosters Free tape machine plugins are hard to come by.  They might be harder to code or get a decent sample or IR of – regardless, we wanted to find a few that […]

Top 5 Free Compression Plugins (2021)

  Colored Compressor – Matthieu Brucher TDR Molotok – Tokyo Dawn Labs Buster – Analog Obsession Molot – Vladislav Goncharov Fircomp – JonVProd The compressors that we are covering here will work well for mixing applications.  Whether you’re trying to cleanly and surgically compress a signal, or trying to add character and color, there’s at […]

FREE vs. PRO Mastering Chain | Tested! (What’s the Difference?)

  Free Mastering Chain: Insert 1: MEqualizer – Melda Audio Insert 2: Tube Amp – Voxengo Insert 3: OTT – Xfer Records Insert 4: RareSE – Analog Obsession Insert 5: Limiter No. 6 – Vladislav Goncharov Insert 6: LoudMax – Thomas Mundt Vs. Professional Mastering Chain: Insert 1: Pro Q 3 – FabFilter Insert 2: […]

Top 8 FREE Mastering Plugins (2021)

  1. 2BusControl – MAAT 2. Gōn – MAAT 3. Crack – Surreal Machines 4. Spectral Tilt 2 – TBProAudio 5. Stereo Help – Press Play 6. WaveObserver – Press Play 7. ADC Drive – Audec 8. Chow Tape Model – ChowDSP Top 8 FREE Mastering Plugins (2021) in Detail Whether you’re mastering professionally or […]

Top 3 FREE Mastering MULTIBAND Compression Plugins | Ultimate Guide!

  DYNASAUR – Analog Obsession OTT – Ofer Records Convergence – Cut Through Recordings Top 3 FREE Mastering MULTIBAND Compression Plugins in Detail Multiband compressors are incredibly useful; unfortunately, they typically aren’t the most affordable plugins. Additionally, finding free ones isn’t easy either, especially ones that are compatible with Mac. Luckily we came across a […]

Top 7 FREE Vocal Effects (2021)

  Best Free Vocal EQ – Overtone GEQ by Voxengo Best Free Vocal Tuner – MAutoPitch by Melda Audio Best Free Vocal Doubler – Vocal Doubler by Izotope Best Free Vocal Saturator – BPB Saturator by Bedroom Producers Blog Best Free Vocal Compressor – MCompressor by Melda Audio Best Free Vocal Reverb – Supermassive by […]