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Best Sounding Mastering Equalizer Plugins

  Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ FabFilter Pro Q 3 Tube-Tech PE 1C “Pultec” Equalizer by Softube Maag Audio EQ4 by Plugin Alliance HarmoniEQ by Voxengo When you’re trying to master a song, having the right equalizer is needed to balance the sound of a mix, and to augment it. Regardless of the genre […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Tape Machine Plugins

  Tape machine emulations have become an important cornerstone of digital processing.  They provide some of the character and distortion that’s so desperately missed in a DAW. After-all, a DAW is really a modern multi-track tape machine (with a lot more functionality of course). If you’re looking to add some harmonic distortion, subtle stereo imaging, […]

Top 6 Free Mastering Compressor Plugins

  Compressor 4 – Toneboosters Dynasaur – Analog Obsession MSaturator – Melda Audio Productions OTT – Xfer Records Enhancer – Toneboosters Kotelnikov – Tokyo Dawn Labs The importance of compression is pretty well understood.  Whether you’re mixing or mastering, having a good compressor that you know how to operate and achieve tones with is needed. […]

5 Mastering Plugins You Need to Know

  5. Saturn 2 – FabFilter 4. Vintage Warmer 2 – PSP Audioware 3. Drawmer 73 – Softube 2. Pro-L2 – FabFilter 1. Weiss DS1 MK3 – Softube Finding great mastering equipment and plugins has become easier, and equally daunting.  For one, the internet gives us near-instant reviews and overviews of any and all plugins; […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Saturation Plugins

  Saturators have become increasingly important over the past couple of decades.  As digital processing became the norm for audio engineering, producers and artists soon discovered that something was missing from their recordings. The small imperfections and distortions that engineers had worked so hard to get rid of for the sake of having a “clean” […]

Top 7 Free Mastering Limiter Plugins

  7. Limiter – Kilohearts 6. Frontier – D16 Group Audio Software 5. Easy Limiter – Saschart 4. Limiter No. 6 – Vlad G Sound 3. W1 Limiter – George Yohng 2. LoudMax – Thomas Mundt 1. Limiter Z – LVC Audio Whether you’re trying to maximize the loudness of your mix for demos, or […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Plugins: Digital Compressors

  The right plugin is always difficult to find.  Regardless of whether you’re new to audio production or have been involved for some time, finding a great plugin you know, you’ll use for a while can be a challenge. That’s why we wanted to explore some options and see which digital compressor plugin was worth […]

Top 9 Free Analog Emulation Plugins

  PreFET – Accentize RS-W2395C – Fuse Audio Labs MJUCjr – Klanghelm LALA – Analog Obsession Tape Cassette 2 – Caelum Audio Code Red – Shattered Glass Audio Tube Saturator Vintage – Wave Arts mvMeter2 – TBProAudio Dynasaur – Analog Obsession Analog emulation has become increasingly popular.  Digital processing, with all of its conveniences, misses […]

Top 10 Free Mixing Plugins

  Sete Chave – Audio Fusion Bureau  Feedback Compressor II – Tokyo Dawn Labs MEqualizer – Melda Audio Production Blindfold EQ – Audio Thing Tape Cassette 2 – Caelum Audio FET Drive – Analog Obsession MAutopan – Melda Audio Production Stereo Expander – Melda Audio Production MCharmVerb – MeldaAudio Productions TAL Reverb 3 – Togu […]

Top 11 Free Reverb Plugins

  11. Teufelsburg Reverb – Balance Audio Tools 10. Verberate Basic 2 – Acon Digital 9. Old Skool Verb – Voxengo 8. Panagement 2 – Auburn Sounds 7. MConvolutionEZ – Melda Audio 6. Schroeder – DiscoDSP 5. Harmonic Reverb – ChromaDSP 4. TAL Reverb 4 – Togu Audio Line 3. KR-Reverb FS – KResearch 2. […]