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Top 6 FREE Mastering Analog Emulation Plugins (and How to Use Them)

  BUSTERse – Analog Obsession FetSnap – Analog Obsession PreFET – Accentize SPL Free Ranger – Brainworx Subfilter – Brainworx Niveau Filter – Elysia Analog Emulation is more popular now than ever before.  As computers become faster and more powerful, small variables and details can be added to the code that creates plugins. The more […]

Top 3 Mastering Plugins You Need to Know In 2021

  Punctuate Transient Shaper – Newfangled Audio Satin Tape Machine Emulation – U-he Parallel Aggressor – Baby Audio Claiming that ‘there are a lot of plugins’ is an understatement.  When trying to find the perfect mastering chain, the options can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we sought to showcase some fantastic plugins that you […]

How to Master a Bollywood Song with FREE Plugins

  Insert 1: Melda Audio’s MEqualizer to Cut Side Image Lows and Boost Highs Insert 2: Slate Digital’s Fresh Air to Increase Transient Clarity Insert 3: Voxengo’s Tube Amp to Add Mild Harmonic Distortion Bus Send: Analog Obsession’s Britpressor for Parallel Compression Insert 1 on Stereo Output: Venn Audio’s Free Clip to Softclip prior to […]

Best Mastering Chain with FREE Plugins

  Insert 1: MEqualizer – Melda Audio Insert 2: Dynasaur- Analog Obsession Insert 3: IVGI2 – Klanghelm Insert 4: RareSE – Analog Obsession Insert 5: LoudMax – Thomas Mundt Insert 6: Limiter No. 6 – Vladislav Goncharov Mastering is always a rewarding challenge.  Sometimes it can take a little longer to accomplish than we hoped […]

Best Vocal Chain

  Optional: Gate Insert 1: FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Subtractive EQ Insert 2: Weiss Deesser, Sibilance Compression Insert 3: Oeksound Soothe2, Sibilance Compression Insert 4: FabFilter Pro-C 2, Compression Insert 5: FabFilter Saturn 2, Saturation Insert 6: Seventh Heaven Pro, Room Emulation Insert 7: Oxford Inflator, Compression Send 1: Seventh Heaven Pro, Reverb Send 2: Arturia […]

Best Vocal Presets

  1. Smooth Vocals Comp – T-RackS Opto-Compressor 2. -16 LUFS Vocals – TC Electronic Brickwall HD 3. Magic – FabFilter Saturn 2 4. Vocal – Oxford Dynamics 5. Thick Transmitter – Soundtoys Effect Rack 6. VT Female Vocal – PSP oldtimer Multi-band 7. Huge Vocal – Lustrous Plates It’s almost always best to dial […]

Best Mastering Presets

  ‘The Tube’ – FabFilter Saturn & Saturn 2 ‘Subtle Stereo Enhancer’ – FabFilter Pro-Q 3 ‘MS Limiter’ – T-RackS Quad Limiter ‘Clean Master THD1’ – Softube Tape ‘Parallel Comp – Tonalisation Warm’ – Weiss DS1 ‘Presence Boost’ – Voxengo HarmoniEQ ‘Gentle Air’ – Drawmer 1973 The Best Mastering Presets are ones that can suit […]

Top 5 Mastering EQ’s Tested

  Sonnox Oxford EQ Weiss EQ1 AVA Mastering EQ T-RackS Master EQ 432 Slate Infinity EQ Having a great mastering equalizer is an important part of mastering in general.  You need to have an EQ that you’re familiar with, and one you like the sound of. That’s why we’re looking at the Top 5 Mastering […]

Top 5 Mastering Limiters Tested

  Weiss Compressor/Limiter Flux Elixer FabFilter Pro L-2 Melda Productions LimiterX Sonnox Oxford Limiter Mastering limiters are an important part of mastering in general.  They set the output of a signal, as well as help engineers achieve a commercial loudness when needed. With that in mind, we sought to cover and test 5 commonly used […]