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How to Master with T-RackS

  1.  Linear Phase EQ 2.  De-Esser 3.  One – Mastering Processor 4.  (Parallel) VC60 Compressor 5.  (Parallel) Saturator X 6.  Master EQ-432 7.  Quad Limiter 8.  Stealth Limiter T-RackS is an often overlooked and underappreciated software.  It provides a lot of flexibility while still keeping things simple. That’s why we wanted to take a […]

I Tested 3 Plugins Our Subscribers Recommended

  Invisible Limiter G2 – A.O.M Boost Rev. B – URSA DSP TR5 Suite – IK MultiMedia Our subscribers definitely know a lot more plugins than we do. That’s why when they recommend something, we listen! Today we’ll cover 3 plugins that our subscribers seem to recommend a lot.  We’ll cover the functionality of each […]

Mastering Engineer GEEKS OUT on Limiter Plugin

  Today we’ll look at what might be the most advanced limiter plugin on the market.  Whereas other limiters focus on the aesthetics or the design, this one focuses primarily on functionality and giving engineers the most freedom as possible. We’ll look at the Voxengo Elephant limiter and discuss why it’s possibly the most comprehensive […]

Mastering With $3000+ Worth of Plugins

  Subtractive EQ – Weiss EQ1: $549 De-essing – Weiss De-Ess: $199 Subtractive EQ – Oeksound Soothe 2: $219 Tape Emulation – u-he Satin Tape: $129 Saturation- FabFilter Saturn 2: $154 Additive EQ – Chandler Curve Bender: $299 Send > Parallel Compression – Chandler Germanium Compressor: $249 Send > Parallel EQ – FabFilter Pro Q3 […]

5 FREE VST Mastering Plugins

  1. NOVA – Tokyo Dawn Labs 2. Air Shelf – Bertom Audio 3. FIVER – Analog Obsession 4. Refine – lkjb 5. FreeClip – Venn Audio Good free mastering plugins are becoming easier and easier to come by.  It seems like each week something new and exciting comes out. Some of the plugins on […]

How to Use Saturation Plugins

  Quick Answer Using Saturation plugins is simple; insert the saturation plugin on the source that you’re trying to compress and distort, and then gradually introduce the effect using a wet/dry or amount dial.  Once you begin to hear what sounds like too much compression and distortion, dial back the effect. How to Use Saturation […]

I Mastered a Song With 7 Compressors?!

  Weiss DS1-MK3: De-essing UrsaDSP Boost: Low-Level Compression FabFilter Pro-C2: Mid-Range Compression FabFilter MB: Multiband Compression Oxford Inflator: Low-Level Compression, Saturation Chandler Limiter Germanium Comp: Parallel Compression, Saturation Weiss DS1 MK3: Compression, Gain, Output Control Mastering a song isn’t easy.  Mastering a song with only compressors should be impossible – but, there are a lot […]

How to Master Instrumentals for Selling BEATS Online

  Quick Answer When mastering beats or instrumental that you want to sell, it’s best to master to a higher loudness but still leave enough headroom for a vocal.  Additionally, it helps to carve out some room for the vocal by attenuating roughly 2kHz by 2dB on the mid image. How to Master Instrumentals for […]

How to EQ Your Master

  Quick Answer When applying equalization to your master, equalization settings specific to the signal you’re working on will need to be applied.  Although each master is unique, there are some common aspects of equalization amongst all mastering sessions that you should keep in mind and follow when applicable. How to EQ Your Master in […]

How to Create Stereo Width in Your Master

  Quick Answer Stereo width is accomplished in your master by utilizing delay-based stereo expansion; with delay various plugins that create the perception of width.  Unlike mixing, mastering calls for very precise and controlled stereo expansion, as it’s easy to overuse the effect, or expand the “wrong” parts of the signal. How to Create Stereo […]