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Mastering is the final step in the process of producing audio before the song is ready for duplication and distribution. Mastering requires that a song be looked at from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. Editing can be applied which helps eliminate unwanted sounds such as clicks, hisses, and hums. Also adjusting equalization, compression, limiting, and volume can help shape the overall dynamics and quality of a song. The correct design of the mastering room is a crucial factor for engineers to hear precise details of each song. The experience of an engineer is also a key part of getting the best results because they offer the expertise and knowledge that can only come from years of practice. Learning about how to prepare your song for mastering is a great way to really help the engineer really get the most out of your music. Pre-mastering tips and tricks are a vital necessity for a musician's success. There are numerous online social media outlets, live shows, festivals, tours, that once you're a part of, mastering is a must. Once the music is at a professional level and reaches its full potential, you will be ready to proudly share your music with the world.

10 Things You Should Know About Music Mastering

It Changes Based on the Medium On Which Songs are Distributed Many people think mastering to be one thing – preparing an album for distribution.  But what they often forget is that each medium, be it vinyl, cassette, cd, or streaming has different properties.  Each needs to be catered to when mastering for that medium.  […]

Top 10 Mastering Software DAWs

Mixing and mastering can be done with analog and digital workflows. Often the choice of which to go with comes down to user preferences, cost, and desired features of a system. The digital systems available to us today for mixing and mastering can support more tracks and more processing than many large-format consoles, making them […]

Is Mastering Necessary?

Quick Answer Yes, in most circumstances mastering is needed in order to prepare a project for distribution.  Although the choice to master your music depends on the desired outcome, it is always helpful to have another engineer listen to and assess the quality of your project before it’s distributed. Is Mastering Necessary, in Detail Mastering […]

Master Music for Streaming

Quick Answer Mastering music for streaming is the process of preparing a song or project for distribution on a digital streaming platform.  When doing so, the process is similar to a typical mastering session, but the song’s LUFS and the intended platform’s loudness normalization process need to be kept in mind. Mastering Music for Streaming […]

Top 10 Compressor Plugins

No audio toolbox would be complete without a compressor. They are some of the most versatile pieces of gear with complex and simplistic functions alike. Coloration, check…dynamic control, check…mix glue, check. Varied circuit designs in analog compressors make certain models better for one task than another and with the design of digital compressors, choosing the […]

Stereo Mastering vs. Stem Mastering

Quick Answer: Stereo mastering is a mastering process in which one stereo file is used; whereas stem mastering is a mastering process in which multiple instrument groups or stems are used.  Both result in one final stereo file, ready for distribution; however, each results in slightly different sonic characteristics and are better suited for certain […]

Mastering for Rock Music

Quick Answer Mastering for Rock music is the process of preparing a rock song or project for distribution, all while keeping the unique sonic characteristics of the rock genre in mind.  Rock has many sub-genres that will determine the type of processing used, as well as the extent to which transients are preserved. Mastering for […]

Top 10 Equalizer Plugins: Mixing & Mastering

Plugins are great for many reasons. One of those reasons is their ability to be moved from session to session, making it easy to build a workflow and stick to it. Another is how easy it is to recall settings and presets.  With so many plugins, it can be easy to get lost in your […]

What is Stem Mastering?

Stereo mastering is the typical next step for most mixing projects.  But on occasion, greater control is needed by the mastering engineer. Although a fair amount can be accomplished during a stereo mastering session, having the stems of a project offers possibilities that simply are not available during a stereo mastering session. Stem mastering is […]

What is Digital Mastering?

Mastering is sometimes an elusive aspect of post-production.  Although it’s certainly needed, what it means can be unclear. It may be surprising then that mastering takes multiple forms, and can be categorized based on processing type, the medium the song will be distributed on, and even the genre or style of the production being made. […]