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Mastering is the final step in the process of producing audio before the song is ready for duplication and distribution. Mastering requires that a song be looked at from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. Editing can be applied which helps eliminate unwanted sounds such as clicks, hisses, and hums. Also adjusting equalization, compression, limiting, and volume can help shape the overall dynamics and quality of a song. The correct design of the mastering room is a crucial factor for engineers to hear precise details of each song. The experience of an engineer is also a key part of getting the best results because they offer the expertise and knowledge that can only come from years of practice. Learning about how to prepare your song for mastering is a great way to really help the engineer really get the most out of your music. Pre-mastering tips and tricks are a vital necessity for a musician's success. There are numerous online social media outlets, live shows, festivals, tours, that once you're a part of, mastering is a must. Once the music is at a professional level and reaches its full potential, you will be ready to proudly share your music with the world.

Top 10 Best Sounding Metal Master References

  10. Honeycomb – Deafheaven 09. The Faded Line – Lamb of God 08. [Mind Over Mind] – Norma Jean 07. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel – Behemoth 06. Bring Back the Plague – Cattle Decapitation 05. Immortal – Lorna Shore 04. The Seer’s Embrace – Dead to a Dying World 03. Betterment – Baptists 02. […]

How to Prepare Your Mix for Mastering

  Quick Answer When preparing a mix for mastering, your output should be peaking around -3dBTP without the use of limiters, excessive bus compression, or any other form of mastering used on the mix.  Additionally, it’s best to export your mix with the same sampling rate and bit depth as the original recording. How to […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Saturation Plugins

  Saturators have become increasingly important over the past couple of decades.  As digital processing became the norm for audio engineering, producers and artists soon discovered that something was missing from their recordings. The small imperfections and distortions that engineers had worked so hard to get rid of for the sake of having a “clean” […]

How to Master a Song in 11 Easy Steps

  Import your Stereo Mix into your DAW Reduce the Mix’s Amplitude with Clip Gain if its too Loud Insert a Mid-Side Equalizer and Use Subtractive Equalization If needed, use Compression (either stereo or multi-band) Insert Tape and/or Tube Emulation Saturators Insert a Mid-Side Equalizer and Use Additive Equalization Adjust the Stereo Image with your […]

Top 7 Free Mastering Limiter Plugins

  7. Limiter – Kilohearts 6. Frontier – D16 Group Audio Software 5. Easy Limiter – Saschart 4. Limiter No. 6 – Vlad G Sound 3. W1 Limiter – George Yohng 2. LoudMax – Thomas Mundt 1. Limiter Z – LVC Audio Whether you’re trying to maximize the loudness of your mix for demos, or […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Plugins: Digital Compressors

  The right plugin is always difficult to find.  Regardless of whether you’re new to audio production or have been involved for some time, finding a great plugin you know, you’ll use for a while can be a challenge. That’s why we wanted to explore some options and see which digital compressor plugin was worth […]

Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video

  Quick Answer Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video is the process of preparing a vocal recording for distribution – most likely on YouTube.  When mastering your vocal or dialogue various forms of processing like equalization, compression, and limiting need to be used in a particular way to optimize your audio. Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video […]

Top 9 Free Analog Emulation Plugins

  PreFET – Accentize RS-W2395C – Fuse Audio Labs MJUCjr – Klanghelm LALA – Analog Obsession Tape Cassette 2 – Caelum Audio Code Red – Shattered Glass Audio Tube Saturator Vintage – Wave Arts mvMeter2 – TBProAudio Dynasaur – Analog Obsession Analog emulation has become increasingly popular.  Digital processing, with all of its conveniences, misses […]

What is Music Mastering?

  Quick Answer Music Mastering is a step in music production in which an audio recording (typically a stereo music mix) is prepared for distribution.  How a mix is prepared for distribution during music mastering depends on the genre of the music, the intended platform it will be distributed on, and other factors. What is […]

Mastering Music for Film and Video

  Quick Answer Mastering Music for Film and Video is the process of preparing musical recordings for distribution through visual media like movies, television shows, and video blog posts.  Mastering Music for Film and Video will vary based on the type of visual media being created, and the means of distribution. Mastering Music for Film […]