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Mastering is the final step in the process of producing audio before the song is ready for duplication and distribution. Mastering requires that a song be looked at from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. Editing can be applied which helps eliminate unwanted sounds such as clicks, hisses, and hums. Also adjusting equalization, compression, limiting, and volume can help shape the overall dynamics and quality of a song. The correct design of the mastering room is a crucial factor for engineers to hear precise details of each song. The experience of an engineer is also a key part of getting the best results because they offer the expertise and knowledge that can only come from years of practice. Learning about how to prepare your song for mastering is a great way to really help the engineer really get the most out of your music. Pre-mastering tips and tricks are a vital necessity for a musician's success. There are numerous online social media outlets, live shows, festivals, tours, that once you're a part of, mastering is a must. Once the music is at a professional level and reaches its full potential, you will be ready to proudly share your music with the world.

How to Produce a Song with Samples

  Source your Primary Sample from a Hi-Res Source Isolate the Sample or Samples Your Want to Use Set the correct tempo for your session and use time correction if needed Layer in Your Percussion Layer in All Additional Instrumentation and Vocals Mix and Master Your Project If you Plan on Releasing the Song, Handle […]

Top 10 Free Compressor Plugins

  10. SlamPup – Beatskills 9. Yala – Analog Obsession 8. Clip Shifter – LVC Audio 7. Couture – Auburn Sounds 6. DC1A – Klanghelm 5. Varimoon – Analog Obsession 4. Loudmax – Thomas Mundt 3. Kotelnikov Mastering Compressor – Tokyo Dawn Records 2. RoughRider 3 – Audio Damage 1. Frontier – DC16 Audio Group […]

Top 5 Compression Techniques

  Kick and Bass Ducking Full Mix and Vocal Ducking Parallel Compression Serial Compression Smooth Timbre & Transient Timbre Compression Compression can be an incredibly useful effect – its uses span from the purely technical, to the creative. Knowing how to use a compressor to its fullest potential means knowing some of the less obvious […]

How to Process Vocals Like a Pro

  Processing vocals like a pro consists of performing equalization, compression, distortion, as well as adding temporal processing such as reverb and delay.  Processing vocal like a pro as incorporates properly recording and editing your vocal, so that further processing can be performed in an effective way. Vocal processing isn’t an easy feat – it […]

Top 10 Mastering Myths

  10. All Mastering Engineers Know how to Master All Genres 9. Digital is Better than Analog, or Analog is Better than Digital 8. You Should Never Make a Master Loud 7. You Don’t Need Mastering, Just Use a Limiter 6. A.I. Mastering Has Replaced Traditional Mastering 5. One Master Will Work for all Music […]

What is Saturation for Mixing and Mastering?

  Quick Answer Saturation is a combination of two distinct but related effects – soft-knee compression, and harmonic generation.  Saturation occurs when a signal’s input can no longer be matched by the output in a linear fashion; it can be used as a creative and sonically pleasing effect during audio production. Saturation for Mixing and […]

Top 10 Free Distortion Plugins

  10. Distox by Analog Obsession 9. Pig Pie by Analog Obsession 8. Gunner by Analog Obsession 7. Tube Amp by Voxengo 6. Lovend by Analog Obsession 5. OverDriver by Analog Obsession 4. Transature by Analog Obsession 3. Zupaa by Analog Obsession 2. Saturation Knob by Softube 1. Boogex by Voxengo Here are our picks […]

10 Tips to Create Better Masters

  Know what Medium You’re Mastering For Become Familiar with the Genre You’re Mastering Start Your Signal Chain with Subtractive Equalization Do Not Add any Processing without Knowing What it Is Use Plugin Automation to Create a More Dynamic Master Low-Level Compression Creates the Sound of Heavy Limiting Without the Clipping Distortion Match the Loudness […]

What is In-the-Pocket for Music?

  Quick Answer In-the-pocket refers to a particular musical timing that exists in a performance; musical performances can be either in-the-pocket or out of the pocket.  Creating an in-the-pocket performance occurs at all stages of music production including tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering. What is In-the-Pocket for Music in Detail It isn’t uncommon to hear […]

How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Vocal Effect

  Quick Answer You can create the Prismizer vocal effect by using the Antares Harmony Engine Evo as a ‘Midi-controlled Effect.’ Utilizing the Sidechain, you can set the input or a recorded channel to be monitored while controlling the source harmony input via the ‘Midi-Omni’ setting. How to Create the Prismizer Vocal Effect in Detail […]