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How to Master With Free Plugins

    When mastering with free plugins start with subtractive M/S EQ to attenuate the side’s lows and a little of the side around 2kHz with a bell.  Then saturate the mid and side separately, expand the stereo image, clip, and end the chain with a limiter. Start with M/S EQ The steps in the […]

How to Pitch Correct Vocals

    To pitch correct your vocals, first consider which key the vocal is in – then you can use an EQ or a tuner to correct the pitch.  Using an EQ will have a more natural sound, whereas a standard vocal tuner will have an artificial sound. EQ Vocal to the Song’s Key The […]

How to Mix With Headphones

    When mixing with headphones, the most important thing to understand is how headphones are affecting the frequency response, stereo image, and perceived distortion.  Plugins let you mimic the effects of these changes and even reverse them to monitor the signal from a more neutral perspective. Stock Plugin Binaural Post Processing For this video, […]

How to Level Vocals

    When leveling vocals, use automation to change the vocal’s level, then send the vocal to a bus for processing.  Alternatively, use clip gain to alter the gain of the vocal and then introduce processing; compression and saturation will both work well at further leveling the vocal. Use Level Automation, Process on Bus The […]

How to Mix Delay

    When you mix delay, combine equalization and delay to help tailor the processing to the instrument or signal you’re affecting.  Additionally, delay can cause stereo expansion when used on a stereo signal, so keep that in mind as a possible method to affect your mix’s image. Super Thick Bass with Delay Delay is […]

How to Mix Vocal Reverb

    When mixing vocal reverb, you can time the reverb to your BPM, insert an EQ after parallel reverb to get expert control over your reflections, and even distort your reverb for a creative effect.  Parallel processing opens up a lot of possibilities when mixing vocal reverb. Timing Reverb to Your BPM Timing your […]

Top 10 Mid Side Tips

    Understanding M/S Basics Separate any Signal into M/S Mid Side EQ on Drum Bus Create Full and Wide Guitars or Synths Transient Expansion on Side Image Compressing Mid Image for Expansion Mid Side EQ on Vocal Bus Mid Side EQ on Mix Bus Upward Compression on Side Image Creative Mid Side Automation Understanding […]

How to Balance a Vocal & Beat

    When balancing a vocal and a beat, you can increase 3.5kHz on the vocal to make it stick out, or attenuate this range to blend the vocal in with the instrumental.  Additionally, if you’re trying to balance your vocal and a beat, try side-chained compression. Blending Vocals in With EQ These tips are […]

Top 10 Limiters

    FabFilter Pro-L2 Voxengo Elephant Newfangled Audio Elevate Sonnox Oxford Limiter Weiss MM-1 PSP Audio Brickwall TC Electronic Brickwall HD Toneboosters Barricade V4 Flux Elixer Limiter V3 DMG Audio Limitless FabFilter Pro-L2 The limiters in this video are in no particular order – also, we’ll showcase each one on the same track with the […]

How to Master With Fabfilter

    Starting With Subtractive EQ De-ess with MB Compressor Saturn 2 for Saturation and Transients Saturn 2 for Upward Compression Saturn 2 for Stereo Imaging MB Upward Compression with Pro-MB Optional: Subtle Compression with Pro-C 2 Additive EQ with Pro-Q 3 Stage 1 Limiting with Pro-L 2 Stage 2 Limiting and LUFS Measurement Starting […]