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Mastering is the final step in the process of producing audio before the song is ready for duplication and distribution. Mastering requires that a song be looked at from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. Editing can be applied which helps eliminate unwanted sounds such as clicks, hisses, and hums. Also adjusting equalization, compression, limiting, and volume can help shape the overall dynamics and quality of a song. The correct design of the mastering room is a crucial factor for engineers to hear precise details of each song. The experience of an engineer is also a key part of getting the best results because they offer the expertise and knowledge that can only come from years of practice. Learning about how to prepare your song for mastering is a great way to really help the engineer really get the most out of your music. Pre-mastering tips and tricks are a vital necessity for a musician's success. There are numerous online social media outlets, live shows, festivals, tours, that once you're a part of, mastering is a must. Once the music is at a professional level and reaches its full potential, you will be ready to proudly share your music with the world.

How to Get Your Vocal to Sit on Top of Your Mix

    Getting your vocal to sit on top of a mix is often easier said than done.  When a mix starts to become more complex, and layers of instrumentation start to cause competition for sonic space, finding room for your lead vocal can be a challenge. This is especially true for pop music, where […]

Top 10 Multiband Compressor Plugins

    Quick Answer 10. FabFilter Pro-MB 9. Waves C6 8. FabFilter Saturn 7. Waves L3 Multi-Maximizer 6. Vengeance Multiband Compressor 5. McDSP ML4000 4. PSP Audioware VintageWarmer2 3. Softube Drawmer 1973 2. IK Multimedia T-Racks Quad Comp 1. Blue Cat MB-5 Dynamix Top 10 Multi-band Compressors in Detail Compressors allow us to do all […]

Mastering for Heavy Metal Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Heavy Metal Music is the process of preparing metal music for distribution while upholding the sound fans of metal music love and expect.  Both transient retention and a cohesive glued-together sound are prevalent sonic aspects of metal music that are created when mastering metal music. Mastering for Heavy Metal […]

How Headphones are Changing Music Production

    Quick Answer The use of headphones instead of traditional speakers is drastically changing how music is being listened to, recorded, mixed and mastered.  The bulk of these changes results from the lack of room acoustics associated with headphone use, but many other important factors come into play. How Headphones are Changing Music Mastering […]

What is Single Song Mastering?

    Quick Answer Song Mastering is the process of preparing a song for commercial distribution, while focusing on what makes a song sonically unique, instead of mastering it in the context of a full album.  Single song mastering requires an engineer to approach a track differently than a typical mastering session. What is Song […]

Mastering for Country Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Country Music is the process of preparing a country song, EP, or Album for distribution while keeping the unique sonic characteristics of country music in mind.  Because country music varies greatly from sub-genre to sub-genre, the processing used when mastering for country music varies as well. Mastering for Country […]

How to Master for Streaming

    Quick Answer Use subtractive equalization to attenuate trouble frequencies Use compression or dynamic equalization to control dynamics If desired, use parallel compression to amplify lower-level signals Generate harmonics using analog emulation or analog equipment Optional: Use an emphasis, de-emphasis eq technique to accentuate distortions With mid-side equalization, amplify desired frequencies and widen the […]

Top 10 Affordable Studio Microphones

    Quick Answer 10. Audio-Technica ATM450 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone 9. Miktek PM10 8. Neumann TLM 102 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone 7. sE Electronics X1 A Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone 6. Shure 545SD Dynamic Instrument Microphone 5. Audio-Technica AT4050 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone 4. Lauten Audio LA-320 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone 3. Shure Beta 91A Condenser Boundary Microphone […]

What is Loudness for Mastering?

    Quick Answer Loudness for mastering is the measurement of the perceived loudness of an audio signal during the audio mastering and distribution process.  Loudness, as it relates to mastering music, can be something that is implemented carefully and skillfully, or it can be something that can ruin a master is used excessively. Loudness […]

What is Digitally Controlled Analog?

    Quick Answer Digitally controlled analog equipment is analog equipment that can have its various parameters and functions altered and stored using a digital control system like a plugin or interface.  Digitally controlled analog is slowly growing in popularity but has immense practical applications for studio owners and audio enthusiasts. What is Digitally Controlled […]