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Top 9 Free Plugins

      BritChannel – Analog Obsession Dirty Filter – BPB MGate Multi – Mogwai Audio Tools Giant Verb – Mode Machines Chow Tape – ChowDSP Stage – RDG Audio Warmy EP1A – Kiive Audio Basic Filters – Fabric 70 FreeClip – Venn Audio BritChannel – Analog Obsession BritChannel is a great way to add […]

How to Make Clean Vocals

      When trying to make your vocals sound clean, use a high-pass filter, try multi-band gating to increase the dynamic range while lowering noise, and ensure that your temporal effects are in-time with the BPM of the track.  Additionally, try to control your sibilance with clip gain. Easy Clean Vocals The easiest way […]

How to Master Dynamic Classical Music

      When mastering dynamic classical music, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to avoid any form of aggressive processing, be it compression, equalization, limiting, etc.  Your stereo image and your signal’s peaks should both be retained as much as possible when mastering dynamic classical music. Don’t Attenuate the Side Lows I […]

Top 9 Vocal Processing Hacks

      Combine Ambience and Room Reverb Use a Subtle Harmonizer De-ess and Subtractive EQ First Use a Limiter for Cleaner Attenuation Combine Upward and Downward Compression Keep Reverb as Sends Attenuate 2kHz on Side Image Accent Vowels Remove Nasal Combine Ambience and Room Reverb Reverb is typically thought of as a stylistic effect, […]

How to Master with iZotope Ozone

      When mastering with Izotope Ozone, it helps to use the full module and introduce your processing within that plugin.  Typically I like to introduce processing in this order, subtractive equalization, tape emulation, harmonic excitement, upward compression with the dynamics plugin, additive dynamic eq, vintage limiting and then maximization. Introduction to Izotope Ozone […]

How to Low-Level Upward Compress Your Master

      When mastering, you can introduce low-level compression with various plugins, like the Waves MV2, or utilize the functionality of multi-band compressors.  Upward compression or low-level compression can make your master sound full and impressive, without affecting the peaks of your signal. Easily Low-Level Compress In my opinion, the easiest way to add […]

How to MultiBand Compress Your Master

      When using multi-band compression on your master bus, you should know how to create 4 forms of compression with the plugin – downward and upward compression and downward and upward expansion.  Furthermore, utilize the attack and release to control the timbre, and use mid and side processing when possible. Understanding Crossover and […]

How to Setup Your Mastering Chain

      Learning how to set up your mastering chain can be challenging; however, you can follow simple steps and general rules to create a great starting point for your project.  In this order, you’ll need to import your stereo mix, use clip gain to adjust the headroom, and then decide on your processing. […]

Top 9 Mastering Plugins

      FabFilter MB U-he Satin A.O.M Invisible Limiter Sonnox Oxford Inflator Weiss Mastering Maximizer Ozone Izotope Maximizer Newfangled Audio Elevate Voxengo Elephant BrainWorx Bx Limiter TP 1. FabFilter MB FabFilter MB is often overlooked, but it’s an incredibly powerful mastering plugin that allows for frequency-specific dynamic control.  It allows for downward and upward […]

Top 9 Vocal Effects

      1. Reverb – Valhalla Supermassive 2. Reverb – Seventh Heaven Professional 3. De-esser – Weiss DS1 MK3 4. De-esser – Oeksound Soothe 2 5. Delay – FabFilter Timeless 3 6. Delay – Arturia Delay Tape 7. Compression – Waves MV2 8. Compression – FabFilter Pro C 2 9. Saturation – FabFilter Saturn […]