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How to Mix Trap

    When mixing trap music, it’s important to make your drums aggressive using fast 1176 compression, saturation, and reverb that accentuates high frequencies.  Instruments can be panned to the far left and right using sample delay on either the left or right channel, or by using a stereo tremolo effect. Mixing Trap Kick In […]

Top 11 Mid Range Tips

    Parallel Mid-Range Tip Neve Portico Depth Emulation Mid-Range Saturation Emphasize Mids into Compression High Density, Mid Hz. Reverb Gullfoss EQ Mid Range Isolation Understanding Vocal Mids Side-chain Soothe 2 Upward Compression on Mids Widening Mid Range on MixBus Mixbus Mid Hz. Room Reverb Parallel Mid-Range Tip This first tip is something you can […]

How to Mix an Instrumental & Vocal

    When mixing an instrumental and vocal you’ll typically process the vocal how you normally would in a mix; however, it may be helpful to learn how to blend or how to separate your two signals.  Side-chain compression, side-chain saturation, and dynamic EQ are some great options. Side-chain Compress Instrumental For this video, I […]

Free Mastering Chain

    Subtractive EQ – 2S EQ Saturation – GSatPlus M/S Compression – Frontier Side Image – MSED & Crack Mid Image – MSED & BUSTERse Additive EQ – Warmy EP1A Air EQ – Fresh Air Collective Compression – Limiter No6 Peak Limiting & Clipping – Limiter No6 Final Limiting – Limiter One Subtractive EQ […]

Top 10 Vocal Compressors

    Pro-C2: FabFilter Comp Tube STA: Arturia Presswerk: U-he Weiss De-ess: Softube Soothe2: Oeksound Oxford Inflator: Sonnox MV2: Waves Audio Ozone 9 Dynamics: Izotope Mu – Pulsar LALA – Analog Obsession Pro-C2: FabFilter The plugins in this list are some of my favorites and go-to’s for personal projects, but let me know in the […]

How to Multi Bus Process

    When processing your buses, there are some great techniques to try – for example, you can use dynamic EQ on one bus and side-chain another bus with competing frequencies to help separate the two.  Or you could send all buses to one parallel aux track to create parallel compression. Drum Side-Image Bus This […]

Top 10 Free FX Plugins

    FRANK – Analog Obsession Cramit – Sixth Sample Lens – Auburn Sounds Codec – Lese Deelay – Sixth Sample Triple Fader – A.O.M. Gatelab – Audio Modern Panflow – Audio Modern Multibender – W.A. Production Outlaw – W.A. Production FRANK – Analog Obsession FRANK combines 5 different filters that have been pulled from […]

How to Process Vocals

    When processing vocals, the initial stages of your vocal chain typically determine the finished sound – EQ that attenuates 3.5kHz and slow compression will result in a smoother vocal.  EQ that amplifies 3.5kHz and quick compression results in a more aggressive sound that can cut through a busy mix. Smooth Vocal EQ For […]

How to Make a Balanced Mix

    When trying to make a balanced mix, you can control the low end attenuating the bass’s fundamentals on the kick, or using bass ducking.  For a balanced high-frequency range, try attenuating 6-10kHz with an MB compressor before amplifying the highs with an EQ/high shelf filter. Use Gradual HP Filters These tips are in […]

How to Edit Vocals

    When editing vocals, start with getting a good vocal comp before introducing time shifts, cuts, and fades, before balancing dynamics with clip gain.  In RX align the phase and de-click before tuning the vocal in Melodyne, and possibly controlling the dynamics with its dynamics tool. Find Good Takes, Make Comp For this video, […]