7 Free Vocal Effects Published in Mastering

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First is LALA by Analog Obsession, a clone of the LA2A optical compressor - it’s great for creating a smooth and full sounding vocal. To the left is an internal side chain, which can be switched to external, to the right is the output gain, peak reduction level, and wet/dry.

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Vastaus by Wavegrove is a free alternative to Soothe 2 - it’s used for resonance reduction, which will make a vocal sound more balanced and less aggressive in the highs. To the left is the input gain, and the amount of the effect - in the middle we can turn on dynamic processing, and affect the harmonic distortion with the bias.

To the right, we can alter the wet/dry mix.

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Frequalizer by Foleys Finest is a 6-band EQ, somewhat similar to the Pro Q 3 - each filter can be 7 different types and are fully parametric with Q, amplitude, and frequency settings. What’s useful about this plugin is the ability to solo bands to monitor their effect.

Lastly in the output setting, we can enable auto-gain compensation

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Analog Delay

Analog Delay by Nembrini audio is a simple but really effective delay - it can be set to exact timing in milliseconds, or synced to the host BPM. The left and right taps can be offset from one another, and we can dial in the amount of feedback.

There’s a wet/dry which is useful, and we can include harmonic distortion with the analog switch at the bottom.

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Fresh Air

Fresh Air by Slate Digital is one of my favorite free plugins - it amplifies high frequencies with a bell and high shelf filter, as well as introduces harmonics to the high frequencies, causing a bright sound. The effect is incredibly aggressive so be sure to dial it in subtly.

To the bottom right we also have a trim to compensate for gain changes.

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GSatPlus by TBProAudio is a fantastic saturation plugin - it offers 4 algorithms, multiple saturation stages and harmonic formations, and variable odd and even order harmonic distortion, all of which can be applied to the stereo, left, right, mid, or side image,

We have the option to clip our signal, as well as introduce oversampling.

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DReverb by Stone Voices is a great sounding effect on vocals, with the potential for super long decay times. Predelay will help the dry vocal cut through, whereas modulation in the top right can make the reverb more convincing and realistic.

Lastly, a stereo width function is great for BGVs since it creates a unique stereo placement for the reflections.

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