Building Your Website

Having a website can open-up many opportunities for independent artists. A website alone can bring about new interest, growth of your fan-base,  and make you more accessible for people in the industry to reach.

Let’s start with looking at some  DO’s  -   

Contact information :

Make sure  your contact information is clear on your website so that fans and people in the industry have a good way to reach you.  Also, make sure you daily check  the email account  that your  “contact information” is associated with and respond within good time.    

Social media links :

Strategically place links to the social media platforms your most active on.   


Don’t over do it here with  too  many sites, that you make it hard for your audience to know where to look.  There are so many different social media sites to utilize, but try and be strategic on what works best for you and your music.  Remember the key is  always  showing  the best representation of you  and your music to your  fans, potential fans, and people in the industry.    

Some current top social media platforms our artists use are:   

  • Facebook  
  • Twitter  
  • YouTube  
  • Instagram   
  • Tumblr  
  • Linked In   
  • Band camp  
  • Sound cloud   
  • Reverb nation  

Bio information :

Give your audience an opportunity to learn more about you. Keep your bio interesting but concise. You can use your press page for an official feel,  but give your bio some personality.  Let your fans have a little insight into who you are or who your band  is. Your  fans  will like  getting to know you  more. People tend to  engage with and remember stories more than facts. Fill your bio with what your fans or potential fans will find interesting.


Give your fan base regular updates. Keep them engaged in what’s happening in the life of you and  your band. This will be helpful space to announce releases, tours, and new media. But stay aware of the personal aspect here too. People  like to get unique information and they like  to be the first to get an underground scoop. Give your audience some  backstage moments, talk about what your next song  is,  and why you wrote it. Make sure you keep updating this section so the fan expects and anticipates the next  blog  post.  

A Press page :

This should include your photos, video’s, and press releases.  Make sure this is the right content for a writer to use if they choose to cover you or your band.    

Note: make sure all photos are Hi-Res and look professional and ensure your videos are on shareable platforms like You tube or Vimeo   

Feedback section :

It’s good to give fans a place to reach back out to you. A great place for this is in the comment section on your blog. When they  DO  comment, make sure that you reply. Keeping your online community and  constant engagement is great to show  your fans you make the  time for them and appreciate their loyalty.  

Photos  and Videos :

Have you ever heard the quote a picture is worth a thousand words? Then a video is worth a million….  Make sure your site has plenty of both. People in the industry will want to know how you look and sound live and fans always love watching a live performance. Again, focus on only high res and high quality professional photos and videos.    

Call to action :

A call to action on your home page is a great way to get people’s attention and  have them connect.  For example, on our home page at our call to action is the  orange button that  says  “upload your song here”.  Keep your “call to action”  visible on your site and on your home page.  When creating your call to action, ask yourself what you’d want people to accomplish when they’re on your website.   In the early stages of being an independent artist, it’s good to make this  call to action directly about gaining fans or building your email list.  Offering some type of incentive to gain their email permissions can’t hurt.  This could be a free download or an exclusive unreleased video.    

Your Music :

Obviously,  having  your music  available to stream  is  a must for any artist’s site. It’s best to not only have this option  on your home page but across multiple pages.    

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