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Sage Audio

Do you have a great song that you’ve recorded and mixed, but it still needs to be mastered to reach that final stage of perfection? Having trouble finding an audio mastering studio that is affordable, or even nearby? You don’t need to spend big bucks, or travel far and wide just to master your song. Consider sending it online to our audio mastering studio.

With Sage Audio you get more than just affordable audio mastering studio services - you get high quality work with experienced engineers. We provide a partnership approach and offer you more control over the final product than you would have with any other audio mastering studio. We also charge you less and eliminate all of your travel costs by working online.

Our online system is fast and easy to use. If you have experience with facebook, myspace, or any other social media website, you will have no problem at all navigating through our system. You will find that all of your questions are answered somewhere on our site, but if you prefer direct contact with us, we support that. We provide up to date pictures of our studio, equipment, and staff so you know exactly what and who you are working with. We love communicating with our clients and providing the feedback they need to get the sound they are searching for. Feel free to send us songs that you like so we can refer to them and try to get a similar sound to the artists you enjoy. You will know the status of your songs and receive an e-mail when they are ready for downloading so you don't have to constantly be logging in to see if your tracks are finished. We will always meet and exceed the expectations of turnaround time and even offer express services for the tracks you need ASAP.

Sage Audio will keep ongoing communications with you about the progress of the work. You won’t ever feel left out of the process of perfecting your song. Nearing the end of mastering, we will send you full samples of our work direct from our audio mastering studio. Once you give us feedback, we get working on achieving just the sound that you want. You won’t feel pressured to give into other people’s opinions; you can feel safe that the professionals at Sage Audio will help you create a song that sounds exactly the way you want it to.

Check out our website today, to learn more about the unique, high quality audio mastering studio services Sage Audio can provide you.