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Mastering is the final step in the process of producing audio before the song is ready for duplication and distribution. Mastering requires that a song be looked at from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. Editing can be applied which helps eliminate unwanted sounds such as clicks, hisses, and hums. Also adjusting equalization, compression, limiting, and volume can help shape the overall dynamics and quality of a song. The correct design of the mastering room is a crucial factor for engineers to hear precise details of each song. The experience of an engineer is also a key part of getting the best results because they offer the expertise and knowledge that can only come from years of practice. Learning about how to prepare your song for mastering is a great way to really help the engineer really get the most out of your music. Pre-mastering tips and tricks are a vital necessity for a musician's success. There are numerous online social media outlets, live shows, festivals, tours, that once you're a part of, mastering is a must. Once the music is at a professional level and reaches its full potential, you will be ready to proudly share your music with the world.

Mastering for Hip-Hop Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Hip-Hop music includes accentuating both the low-end frequencies and high-end frequencies of a track, without resulting in distortion.  Considering that these frequencies can be very loud, and the overall volume of the master is expected to be loud, accomplishing this can be a challenge. Mastering for Hip-Hop Music in […]

Analog vs. Digital Mastering

    Quick Answer Analog mastering is the process of using analog equipment to process a signal to prepare it for distribution; digital mastering is the process of using solely digital processors and software to process a signal and for the same reason.  Analog mastering and digital mastering have their respective benefits and drawbacks. Analog […]

Top 10 Affordable Audio Interfaces

    Quick Answer 10. RME Babyface Pro 24-channel USB Audio Interface 9. Roland Studio-Capture USB Audio Interface 8. TASCAM Celesonic US-20×20 USB 3.0 Audio Interface 7. PreSonus Studio 1810c USB-C Audio Interface 6. Peavey PV 6 v2 Mixer with USB 5. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII SOLO 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with UAD DSP […]

Mastering for Pop Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Pop Music means understanding the balance between creating a sonically competitive master, and retaining the dynamic range.  Often times, pop music gets mastered so loudly, that the dynamics are almost nonexistent; creating a loud master, that retains dynamics is key to creating a great pop master. Mastering for Pop […]

How to Master for Vinyl

    Quick Answer Using a mid-side equalizer, attenuate the side image up to 150Hz. Using this same equalizer, subtly attenuate sibilance-based frequencies. Use compression to control any excessive dynamics. Gently introduce low-level compression. Avoid any psychoacoustic stereo-imaging. Avoid unnecessary harmonic generation or distortion Avoid excessive limiting and gain reduction Sequence the tracks to avoid […]

What is a Mixing Engineer?

    Quick Answer A Mixing Engineer is responsible for adding creative as well as preventative processing to an audio recording.  Typically speaking, a mixing engineer processes multiple tracks, or individual instrument groups, in a unique manner for the sake of improving the sonic quality and overall enjoyability of a musical recording. What is a […]

What is Mastering for Jazz Music?

    Quick Answer Mastering for Jazz music involves a unique mastering process in which the typical processing used, is scaled down in favor of preserving the natural sound of the original recording.  The key aspects of mastering for jazz music is preserving transients and maintaining a balanced frequency spectrum. Mastering for Jazz Music in […]

Top 10 Free Eq Plugins

    Quick Answer, in No Particular Order EQ1A: Mellowmuse TinyQ: lkjb PTEq-1A: Ignite Labs PTEq-X: Ignite Labs QRange: lkjb LCF: Analog Obsession Rare: Analog Obsession SonEQ: Sonimus  Overtone GEQ: Voxengo Marvel GEQ: Voxengo Top 10 Free Eq Plugins in Detail All of the plugins on this list are completely free and can be easily […]

What is a Recording Engineer?

    Quick Answer A recording engineer is responsible for recording during the tracking and overdub sessions of the recording process.  A recording engineer needs to have a comprehensive understanding of acoustics, tape machine or DAW operation, gain staging, mic placement, and microphone types, and the studio gear used for recording. What is a Recording […]

Mastering for Christian Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Christian Music is the process of preparing an album for distribution while keeping the sonic characteristics of Christian music in mind.  Depending on the genre, mastering for Christian music may mean emphasizing transients and dynamics over loudness, or working to create a polished pop-centric master. Mastering for Christian Music […]