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Free Vocal Chain vs. Pro Chain

    Free Channev De-esser Weiss De-esser Free Channev Equalizer Eventide SplitEQ Free Channev Compressor FabFilter Pro-C2 Free Voxengo Tube Amp Arturia Dist Tube Culture Free Stone Voices DReverb Eventide SP2016 Reverb Free Channev De-esser For this video, I want to go back and forth between the free chain and the pro or paid-for chain […]

Everything You Need to Know About FabFilter – MB

    The FabFilter-MB plugin is complex at first, but the tools it offers are incredibly useful and versatile.  With ti we can perform 4 types of dynamics processing, as well as introduce equalization, mid-side stereo imaging, and advanced frequency-specific and image-specific external side-chain processing. General Info About The FF-MB The FF-MB is a multi-band […]

Free Mastering Chain vs. Pro Chain

    Free MEqualizer SplitEQ by Eventide Free GSatPlus from TBProAudio FabFilter Saturn 2 Free COMPER by Analog Obsession Presswork by U-he Free Limiter No.6 Sonnox Oxford Limiter FreeClip by Venn Audio NewFangled Audio’s Saturate Free MEqualizer For this video let’s back and forth between a free mastering chain and a paid one to see […]

How to Mix with Impulse Responses

    When mixing with impulse responses, you’ll need the impulse response file, and a convolution reverb or space designer plugin.  The most popular way to mix with impulse responses is to reverberate a signal, but they can also be used for equalization, emulation, and occasionally delay. What is an Impulse Response? An impulse response […]

Understand Digital Distortion Types

    Digital distortion types are typically the result of bit depth and sampling rate limitations – when these are reduced, it results in aliasing, clipping, waveshaping, and more types of familiar distortion.  To avoid these, we can increase the sampling rate via oversampling and bit-depth by recording at least 16 bits. Aliasing or Fold-back […]

Top 10 Free Mastering Plugins

    Masterdesk Classic – Brainworx EQ302 Graphic Equalizer – Red Rock Audio BASSTard – Acustica Audio Arctic – Acustica Audio Distortion – Kilohearts PREDD – Analog Obsession OAQ – Analog Obsession Correlometer – Voxengo Initial Clipper – Initial Audio Air Shelf – Bertom Audio Masterdesk Classic – Brainworx For this video, the effects are […]

Best Audio Interfaces (2023)

    The interfaces on this list are in order from lowest to highest cost, and we’ve stuck with ones that include 2XLR inputs – that said, if you want to scale up or down, each interface has models with more or fewer XLR connections, but with the same internal functionality and processing. Presonus Revelator […]

How to Make Modern Vocals

    When creating a modern vocal, the vocal needs to sound detailed and upfront, yet balanced with a clear frequency response.  You can accomplish a modern vocal with the correct compression settings, combined with upward processing like inflation and saturation – then add temporal processing like short reverb. Balance Vocal with EQ Let’s start […]

Top 88 Free Mixing Plugins in 2023

    Kilohearts Essential Bundle DTM Hacker Bundle PitchDrift & More – Baby Audio BlendEQ – Analog Obsession RareSE – Analog Obsession DReverb – Stone Voices Dirty LA – Bedroom Producers Blog T-Puncher – Techivation EQ302 – Red Rock Sound BYOD – ChowDSP Kilohearts Essential Bundle Let’s start off with this amazing free bundle by […]

Creative Vocal Mixing Techniques

    When introducing creative vocal techniques, using mid-side processing can be used to isolate temporal processing to the side image – causing a unique sound.  Additionally,  if combined, processing such as binaural imaging, transient and tone EQ, and others are great for creative vocal mixing techniques. Side Image Reverb The chapters in this video […]