Top 10 FREE Sample Packs

Top 10 FREE Sample Packs


  1. Analog Supplies Vol. 1- 4
  2. Black Lotus Audio – Tension Synth Loops
  3. Black Lotus Audio – Dianna Artist Pack
  4. Black Octopus – Free Sample Collection
  5. Angelic Vibes – Free Trap Melody Pack
  6. Mode Audio – Ambient Cassette
  7. 99Sounds – Cinematic Transitions
  8. SampleFire – Overload
  9. Angelic Vibes – Free Trap Drum Loops
  10. WAVBVKERY – Acoustic Drum Samples

Analog Supplies Vol. 1- 4

For this video let’s quickly talk about what each sample pack offers, but then spend more time demoing the various loops and individual samples.

Analog Supplies has released 4 volumes of free samples, each offering both drum loops and individual hits, as well as melodic loops.  The drum loops have a classic drum machine sound, whereas the melodic loops are usually constructed with more classic synths.

Let’s take a quick listen to various drum and melodic loops from Vol. 1.

Black Lotus Audio – Tension Synth Loops

These loops are great for EDM and cinematic projects since they build and add tension, making them useful for the buildup to a drop, or maybe as background music in a scene.  The layout is simple, we don’t have any sub-folders, just 20 10-30 second loops.

Let’s listen to some of the different loops.

Black Lotus Audio – Dianna Artist Pack

If you’re looking for clean female vocals samples, this is a great free pack – it’s divided into sounds like Oohs and Aahs, spoken phrases, and sung phrases.  The sung phrases are offered in various keys and usually with alternative versions, making it easier to find one that suits a project.

Let’s listen to some of the sung phrases, and notice how they were recorded with a great upfront and clean sound.

Black Octopus – Free Sample Collection

This free sample pack is absolutely massive, with almost 2GBs of samples – the organization isn’t always the best, since some folders relate to full songs and include the various instruments in that song, whereas others are more focused.  Additionally, some Serum presets are thrown in as well.

Let’s listen to samples and loops just from the first folder, and notice how well-recorded a lot of these samples are.

Angelic Vibes – Free Trap Melody Pack

I like this pack because you know exactly what you’re getting – there are 40 trap melodies, each of which includes multiple instruments and were produced using various BPMS and keys.  Although some of them sound similar, there’s enough here to find at least 1 foundation for a rap track.

Let’s take a listen to some of the instrumentals offered in the pack.

Mode Audio – Ambient Cassette

If you make lofi music this is a great pack – first off it offers channel strip presets for both Logic Pro and Ableton, as well as a starter guide.  In the loops folder, we get 11 tracks, each ranging from 30 seconds to about a minute and a half.

The distortion they got by sampling the cassette deck sounds great, and definitely results in some unique samples.  Let’s take a listen.

99Sounds – Cinematic Transitions

This free pack offers 50 different scene transitions, each evoking a unique mood – the sounds chosen to make these transitions work best for Sci-Fi genres, and the sound design itself is honestly incredibly well done.  In the main folder, we’ll also notice a Native Instruments package.

This way you can quickly map the various sounds to a keyboard.

Let’s take a listen.

SampleFire – Overload

This pack is full of great glitch sound effects and scene transitions – in the longer sample folder we get 56 samples, and in “One Shot” folder are 46.  Although these samples have a cinematic quality, I could hear them working really well in a video game context.

Let’s take a listen.

Angelic Vibes – Free Trap Drum Loops

In addition to making trap melodic loops, Angelic Vibes also offers free trap drum loops – in the main window the loops have been organized by their BPM.  In each sub-folder, we get the loop’s individual stems, as well as the collective track – giving us control over what instruments are included.

Let’s listen to a full beat, and then some of the individual stems from that same beat.

WAVBVKERY – Acoustic Drum Samples

Last up we get over 400 acoustic drum samples from WAVBVKERY – the samples are organized into cymbals, kick, snare, sticks, and toms, which have some sub-folders, like the cymbal type, or the tom type.  The samples give us a lot of nuanced differences, like hit position and stick type.

Let’s take a listen, and note that some of the samples are pretty similar.

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