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Top 10 Recording Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Recording too Hot 2. Recording too Quietly 3. Recording with Phase Issues/Destructive interference 4. Using the Wrong Microphone Type 5. Using Subpar Sounding Samples 6. Recording at a Low Sampling Rate and/or Bit Depth 7. Tracking in an Improperly Sound-proofed room 8. Neglecting Proper Microphone Placement 9. Avoiding Recording with Processing or Outboard […]

How to Prepare Your Mix for Mastering

  Quick Answer When preparing a mix for mastering, your output should be peaking around -3dBTP without the use of limiters, excessive bus compression, or any other form of mastering used on the mix.  Additionally, it’s best to export your mix with the same sampling rate and bit depth as the original recording. How to […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Plugins: Digital Compressors

  The right plugin is always difficult to find.  Regardless of whether you’re new to audio production or have been involved for some time, finding a great plugin you know, you’ll use for a while can be a challenge. That’s why we wanted to explore some options and see which digital compressor plugin was worth […]

Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video

  Quick Answer Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video is the process of preparing a vocal recording for distribution – most likely on YouTube.  When mastering your vocal or dialogue various forms of processing like equalization, compression, and limiting need to be used in a particular way to optimize your audio. Mastering Voice-Over Dialogue for Video […]

Top 9 Free Analog Emulation Plugins

  PreFET – Accentize RS-W2395C – Fuse Audio Labs MJUCjr – Klanghelm LALA – Analog Obsession Tape Cassette 2 – Caelum Audio Code Red – Shattered Glass Audio Tube Saturator Vintage – Wave Arts mvMeter2 – TBProAudio Dynasaur – Analog Obsession Analog emulation has become increasingly popular.  Digital processing, with all of its conveniences, misses […]

Top 10 Free Audio Sample Websites

  10. FreeSound 9. MusicRader 8. SampleSwap 7. Hip-Hop Makers 6. Sample Focus 5. Bedroom Producers 4. Sound Packs 3. NASA Audio Collection 2. Cymatics 1. 99 Sounds Music samples have been a driving force in music since the 1970s.  With the popularization of digital processing and the accessibility of the sample via the internet, […]

Top 10 Free Mixing Plugins

  Sete Chave – Audio Fusion Bureau  Feedback Compressor II – Tokyo Dawn Labs MEqualizer – Melda Audio Production Blindfold EQ – Audio Thing Tape Cassette 2 – Caelum Audio FET Drive – Analog Obsession MAutopan – Melda Audio Production Stereo Expander – Melda Audio Production MCharmVerb – MeldaAudio Productions TAL Reverb 3 – Togu […]

Mastering Music for Film and Video

  Quick Answer Mastering Music for Film and Video is the process of preparing musical recordings for distribution through visual media like movies, television shows, and video blog posts.  Mastering Music for Film and Video will vary based on the type of visual media being created, and the means of distribution. Mastering Music for Film […]

Top 11 Free Reverb Plugins

  11. Teufelsburg Reverb – Balance Audio Tools 10. Verberate Basic 2 – Acon Digital 9. Old Skool Verb – Voxengo 8. Panagement 2 – Auburn Sounds 7. MConvolutionEZ – Melda Audio 6. Schroeder – DiscoDSP 5. Harmonic Reverb – ChromaDSP 4. TAL Reverb 4 – Togu Audio Line 3. KR-Reverb FS – KResearch 2. […]

How to Mix a Song with Samples

  Quick Answer Mixing a song with samples means knowing how to make your samples sound the best they possibly can, and knowing the easiest and best ways for replacing aspects of your mix with samples.  Mixing a song with samples means knowing some of the ins and out of your DAW. How to Mix […]