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How to Use Vocal Effects

  Quick Answer When including vocal effects it’s best to break down the processing into 3 types: spectral, dynamics, and temporal.  Spectral processing like equalization and distortion should come first, then you should introduce dynamics processing like compression, and lastly, you should use temporal processing like reverb. How to Use Vocal Effects in Detail Whether […]

How to Use Saturation Plugins

  Quick Answer Using Saturation plugins is simple; insert the saturation plugin on the source that you’re trying to compress and distort, and then gradually introduce the effect using a wet/dry or amount dial.  Once you begin to hear what sounds like too much compression and distortion, dial back the effect. How to Use Saturation […]

How to DeEss Vocals

  How to DeEss Vocals If you want to de-ess your vocal, the easiest way to accomplish it is by using a de-esser plugin; these plugins work like a compressor, but just on sibilance-based frequencies.  For better results, you can manually edit these sections with clip-gain, but this can be tedious. How to DeEss Vocals […]

Best Vocal Chain

  Optional: Gate Insert 1: FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Subtractive EQ Insert 2: Weiss Deesser, Sibilance Compression Insert 3: Oeksound Soothe2, Sibilance Compression Insert 4: FabFilter Pro-C 2, Compression Insert 5: FabFilter Saturn 2, Saturation Insert 6: Seventh Heaven Pro, Room Emulation Insert 7: Oxford Inflator, Compression Send 1: Seventh Heaven Pro, Reverb Send 2: Arturia […]

The Oldest Plugin vs. The Best New Plugin

  Quick Answer: The oldest commercially available audio plugin was the Waves’ Q1, a 10 band equalizer that’s incredibly simple by today’s standards.  Although the Q10 is still used by many engineers, comparing it to the FabFilter Pro Q 3 shows how far digital processing and audio plugins have come. The Oldest Plugin vs. The […]

AAC or MP3 – What’s the Best Lossy File Type?

  Which is Better – AAC or MP3? At the same bit rate, we found that the MP3 file format resulted in less deleted signal especially when exported with a joint-stereo setting.  Additionally, MP3’s are typically more accessible and supported by devices and operating systems, making it an easier and more reliable to format to […]

The BEST Free Reverb Plugin?

  What is the Best Free Reverb Plugin? Although there is no “Best” reverb plugin, the Valhalla Supermassive is by far one of if not the best FREE reverb plugins that we have used. The functionality is comprehensive and versatile, while the overall sound rivals that of some of the best paid reverb plugins. The […]

Free vs. Cheap vs. Expensive Reverb Plugins

  As more and more productions are moving away from established studios, and toward home studio production, artificial reverb has become increasingly important. In the past, entire buildings were designed with music in mind – whether it was a cathedral, a music hall, or a studio designed with drums in mind, music once reflected the […]

Top 10 Recording Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Recording too Hot 2. Recording too Quietly 3. Recording with Phase Issues/Destructive interference 4. Using the Wrong Microphone Type 5. Using Subpar Sounding Samples 6. Recording at a Low Sampling Rate and/or Bit Depth 7. Tracking in an Improperly Sound-proofed room 8. Neglecting Proper Microphone Placement 9. Avoiding Recording with Processing or Outboard […]

How to Prepare Your Mix for Mastering

  Quick Answer When preparing a mix for mastering, your output should be peaking around -3dBTP without the use of limiters, excessive bus compression, or any other form of mastering used on the mix.  Additionally, it’s best to export your mix with the same sampling rate and bit depth as the original recording. How to […]