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How Does Panning Affect Your Mix?

  Quick Answer Panning affects your mix by placing the energy of a signal within a different point or points in the 90 and 180-degree stereo field.  By using various forms of processing, a signal’s stereo field location can be altered, which can increase mix clarity, or evoke a more creative mix. How Does Panning […]

4 Ways to Use Drum Bus Compression

  Traditional Drum Bus Compression: Use a Drum Bus Compressor with a Longer Attack and Short Release to Create a Cohesive Sound Bus and Parallel Compression: Use Drum Bus Compression in Combination with Parallel Compression.  Emphasis and De-emphasis Compression: Place an Additive EQ before Drum Bus Compression, and an equal and opposite Subtractive EQ after. […]

Top 10 Monitor Controllers

  Shadow Hills Industries Equinox Summing Mixer and Monitor Controller SPL MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller Grace Design m908 Surround Monitor Controller Crane Song Avocet IIA Monitor Controller Coleman Audio M3PHMKIII – Monitor Controller SPL MTC Monitor & Talkback Controller Antelope Audio Satori Analog Monitoring and Summing System Dangerous Music MONITOR ST Burl Audio B26 Orca […]

What is Automated Mastering Software?

  Quick Answer Automated Mastering Software is in short, a computer program that uses algorithms to create a master of your music, ready for distribution.  Automated Mastering Software is the foundation of any automated mastering service, and can be accessed online, usually for a small fee or a monthly subscription charge. What is Automated Mastering […]

Top 10 Free Stereo Imaging Plugins

  Doppler Dome – Aegean Music Panagement 2 – Auburn Sounds Width Knob – Boz Digital Labs vs. Wider – Infected Mushroom Ozone Imager 2 – Izotope Vocal Doubler – Izotope MAutopan – MedlaProduction vs. PanCake2 – Cableguys MSED – Voxengo vs. StereoImager V2 – Flux Stereo imaging isn’t thought about too terribly often, but […]

Professional Recording in a Home Studio

  Quick Answer Creating a professional recording in a home studio comes down to setting up the room correctly, using the best introductory equipment, recording your signal to the proper level (at least -18dB), and recording your instruments in the correct order.  To start, ensure your room is sound-proofed. Professional Recording in a Home Studio […]

What’s the Difference Between Distortion and Saturation?

  Quick Answer Saturation, when talking about audio, is a combination of compression and distortion which is created from overloading the physical components of an electrical system.  Distortion, when talking about audio, is the altering of the shape of a waveform which creates a different tonality from that of the original waveform. The Difference Between […]

Top 9 Free Saturation Plugins

  PreBOX – Analog Obsession TubeAmp – Voxengo TUBA – Analog Obsession IVGI – Klanghelm TubeDriver – Nick Crow Lab Tomato Preamp – Roxolder Crush – Sleepycat Audio STEQ – Analog Obsession Tape Cassette – Caelum Audio Saturation has become an increasingly popular form of processing – probably due to how clean digital processing sounds.  […]

What is Headroom for Mastering?

  Quick Answer Headroom for Mastering is the amount of space (in dB) a mixing engineer will leave for a mastering engineer to properly process and alter an audio signal.  Typically, leaving 3 – 6dB of headroom will be enough room for a mastering engineer to master a track. What is Headroom for Mastering in […]

Top 9 Free Delay Plugins

  Pitched Delay by Ljkb Valhalla FreqEcho by VahallaDSP Sound Delay by Voxengo Tempo Delay by Voxengo Lagrange by UrsaDSP HY-Delay by HY Plugins Brigade Delay by Full Bucket Music Hysteresis by GltchMachines Speculum Free by Decade Bridge Delay has a rightful place among some of the most popular and important forms of processing during […]