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10 Free Plugins To Improve Your Mix Before Mastering – Sage Audio

While many engineers dream of owning racks of gear and endless plugins, the reality is, we often only need to start with a few pieces of equipment and some free plugins.  Lucky for us, there are all sorts of free plugins that can help improve a mix. Here’s a list of some free plugins that can […]

10 Steps to Getting the Perfect Mix before Mastering

A great mix translates and accents the message of a song. Sure, the music and lyrics send the strongest signals when people listen, but the mix will aid in creating vibe and accentuating particular elements for a song. To have your mix sound its absolute best after mastering, you need to nail the mix so […]

Fundamentals of Mixing Drums Before Mastering

It is no secret that drums are the foundation of mixing across the majority of contemporary genres. They drive an immense amount of feel and emotion to any given song without much melodic context. Drums and their overall aesthetic alone can easily make or break any mix. Why? They are complex in nature, and they […]

How to Get Your Mixes Loud Using Equalization Before Mastering

Loudness is a major concern for almost every artist and engineer. In an industry that’s flooded with plugins and gear that continually tries to offer a one size fits all preset to make your music louder than then next person, we have missed the foundation of how to actually achieve loudness. We have limiters, compressors, […]

How to Prepare Drum Tracks Before Mixing and Mastering

Aside from vocals, drum tracks serve as the most prominent elements in most forms of modern music. Not only do drums provide the rhythmic foundation of to a song, but they can also cover the entirety of the audible frequency spectrum. As engineers, becoming proficient in the art of treating and mixing drums is one […]

How to Use Plugin Automation During Mixing to Create Music with Impact

Have you ever listened to a song and noticed that the snare sounded a little brighter during the chorus, the kick had more of a thump, and the vocal effect had changed from an eighth-note to a quarter note delay. A mix tends to get boring hearing the same sonic textures from beginning to end. […]

Workflow Tips for Audio Engineers | Production to Pre-Mastering

Everyone wants to make hit records, but little do they know of the hundred small steps that go in to getting a client and taking them to a finished mix that is ready to be sent off to mastering. One of the most common pitfalls that new and even seasoned engineers run into is having […]

Top 10 Analog Mix Bus Compressors

Mix-bus compression has been used in countless recordings. We all like a punchy mix that sounds cohesive, and mix-bus compressors have achieved this for many engineers. Applying this technique to your own mixes can be challenging. There are tons of compressors available, but they are not all created equally. Here are some popular choices for […]

Using Delays in Place of Reverb to Create Space in Your Mix

Have you ever heard a mix that just doesn’t sound like the songs you hear on the radio? You try to dissect why it’s just not reaching that level but you can’t quite change it enough to sound like a platinum-selling record. Of course there can be thousands of reasons why it’s just not cutting […]