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Top 10 Affordable Audio Interfaces

    Quick Answer 10. RME Babyface Pro 24-channel USB Audio Interface 9. Roland Studio-Capture USB Audio Interface 8. TASCAM Celesonic US-20×20 USB 3.0 Audio Interface 7. PreSonus Studio 1810c USB-C Audio Interface 6. Peavey PV 6 v2 Mixer with USB 5. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII SOLO 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with UAD DSP […]

Top 10 Free Eq Plugins

    Quick Answer, in No Particular Order EQ1A: Mellowmuse TinyQ: lkjb PTEq-1A: Ignite Labs PTEq-X: Ignite Labs QRange: lkjb LCF: Analog Obsession Rare: Analog Obsession SonEQ: Sonimus  Overtone GEQ: Voxengo Marvel GEQ: Voxengo Top 10 Free Eq Plugins in Detail All of the plugins on this list are completely free and can be easily […]

What is a Recording Engineer?

    Quick Answer A recording engineer is responsible for recording during the tracking and overdub sessions of the recording process.  A recording engineer needs to have a comprehensive understanding of acoustics, tape machine or DAW operation, gain staging, mic placement, and microphone types, and the studio gear used for recording. What is a Recording […]

Mastering for Christian Music

    Quick Answer Mastering for Christian Music is the process of preparing an album for distribution while keeping the sonic characteristics of Christian music in mind.  Depending on the genre, mastering for Christian music may mean emphasizing transients and dynamics over loudness, or working to create a polished pop-centric master. Mastering for Christian Music […]

How to Master Music for TV and Sync Licensing

    Quick Answer Mastering music for tv and other sync licensing opportunities includes creating multiple versions of the song you intend to submit.  Although most broadcasting occurs at an integrated loudness of -24 LUFS, mastering for tv and film will vary in loudness, and be dependent upon the type of programming. How to Master […]

What is Dynamic Mastering?

    Quick Answer Dynamic Mastering is the process of mastering a track in a manner to preserve transients and to retain the dynamic range of that recording.  Typically, dynamic mastering is accomplished by emphasizing the dynamic range instead of loudness, all while reducing the use of compression and limiting techniques. What is Dynamic Mastering […]

Is Analog Mastering Worth It?

    Quick Answer Although analog mastering may be slightly more expensive than digital mastering, it is often worth the extra expense for the increase in sonic quality.  Although a good master truly depends on the engineer, analog mastering provides unique and desirable sonic characteristics that simply are not available from a digital master. The […]

What is a Music Producer?

    Quick Answer A Music Producer contributes at least one of the following to the production of a song, EP, or album: Overview and organization, music performance, tracking, mixing and effects processing, and coaching and inspiration.  Being a music producer means knowing how you can positively affect the music production process. What is a […]

Selling Band Merchandise

    If you’re reading this, you have most likely sold merchandise.  You probably already know the basics and the obvious aspects of selling it.  These include but aren’t limited to: Directing fans to your merch table during the show Having someone at your table at all times. If people don’t know where your merchandise […]

What is Apple Digital Masters?

  Quick Answer Apple Digital Masters is a specification set by Apple Music to ensure that the highest quality masters are created for their Apple Music Platform.  Based on the Apple Digital Masters guidelines, your master should be of the highest original bit-depth and sampling-rate possible and should avoid clipping.  Apple Digital Masters in Detail […]