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What is the Best Plugin for EQ Matching?

Eq matching has become a popular way to either match or separate instruments quickly.  With that in mind it helps to know which EQ Matching plugin offers the most for your money. We decided to compare two of the most popular equalizers with EQ matching software, the Izotope Ozone 6 Equalizer, and the FabFilter Pro […]

The Best Way to Quickly Add Clarity to Your Mix: Inverse EQ Matching

Most of us have heard the saying, “there are no shortcuts in audio.”  Although this may be true in most situations, sometimes new technologies come along that drastically speed up the audio editing, mixing, or mastering process. For example, imagine trying to perform your digital edits on analog tape.  The process would take hours as […]

How to Distort or Compress Only Specific Frequencies Using Equalization

Today, a lot of newer plugins offer frequency specific distortion or compression.  A lot of the classic and some of our favorite plugins still don’t offer this function, and probably won’t in the near future. With this in mind it’s definitely helpful to know, how to distort or compress the frequencies you want, while leaving […]

What are Plosives and How to Fix Them

Engineers have been trying to avoid plosives for as long as the voice has been recorded. There are of course many ways to avoid recording plosives during tracking, but what if that option is long past, and you’re stuck with a plosive heavy track? You can remove plosives in post production by attenuating or fully […]

How to Fix a Track That Was Cut Too Short

You can’t always control the files you get.  Sometimes, you may at some point come across a track that has been cut off prematurely. It happens more times than you think, especially when either the tracking or mixing engineer didn’t consider the length of the reverb tail when exporting. If you’re you have a file […]

1 of the Biggest Myths in Home Studio Recording

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a hundred times – don’t record too hot in a digital recording set up.  The reason for this being, that by doing so, you’re limiting your headroom. But is this truly the case? Does recording hotter really mean you won’t have any headroom? Furthermore, could there be […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Parallel Compression

Parallel compression is a well known and often used method for creating a great sounding mix.  It can be used before or during mastering, on instrument groups, and even on individual instruments.  Although the method may be well known, it isn’t always used in a way the optimizes its effectiveness. To achieve the best parallel […]

How to Match Your Mix’s EQ to Your Favorite Mix

New software is constantly changing how we make music, and think about producing audio.  One of the most innovative technologies to emerge recently in the audio world is eq matching. EQ matching plugins read, analyze and match the frequency response of your audio, with that of another audio source.  Simply upload your song, and capture […]

How to Create an Epic Bass with Sub Harmonics

Sometimes a mix, 808, kick, synth or bass guitar needs some help.  More times than not, the issue lies in the lack of harmonics in the instrument or mix.   If the fundamental frequency isn’t prevalent, or the sound is run through some speakers with a weak low end response, the bass will be lost.  […]

How to Know Everything About Your Plugin

If you’ve ever been made curious or confused by a plugin, you’re not alone. At one point or another, we’ve all looked at a plugin and not known what the settings or functions meant, or what they did. Although some functions are the same from plugin to plugin (i.e. ratios on compressors, or bands on […]