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How to Use Vocal Effects

  Quick Answer When including vocal effects it’s best to break down the processing into 3 types: spectral, dynamics, and temporal.  Spectral processing like equalization and distortion should come first, then you should introduce dynamics processing like compression, and lastly, you should use temporal processing like reverb. How to Use Vocal Effects in Detail Whether […]

How to DeEss Vocals

  How to DeEss Vocals If you want to de-ess your vocal, the easiest way to accomplish it is by using a de-esser plugin; these plugins work like a compressor, but just on sibilance-based frequencies.  For better results, you can manually edit these sections with clip-gain, but this can be tedious. How to DeEss Vocals […]

How to Create Punchy Sub Bass in Your Master

  Quick Answer To create punchy sub-bass in your master you can use a resonance filter with a high-pass filter around 20Hz, utilize harmonic distortion, try a sub-frequency generator, or compress and amplify the harmonics directly above your sub-frequencies.  These techniques will work well but in different circumstances. How to Create Punchy Sub Bass in […]

How to Use Dynamic Eq During Mastering | Ultimate Guide!

  Quick Answer When mastering you can use dynamic equalization to both attenuate and accentuate aspects of the master to create a balanced frequency spectrum.  As the name suggests, you can use dynamic eq during mastering to control dynamics, add clarity, or make a master full and impressive. How to Use Dynamic Eq During Mastering […]

Best Vocal Chain

  Optional: Gate Insert 1: FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Subtractive EQ Insert 2: Weiss Deesser, Sibilance Compression Insert 3: Oeksound Soothe2, Sibilance Compression Insert 4: FabFilter Pro-C 2, Compression Insert 5: FabFilter Saturn 2, Saturation Insert 6: Seventh Heaven Pro, Room Emulation Insert 7: Oxford Inflator, Compression Send 1: Seventh Heaven Pro, Reverb Send 2: Arturia […]

Best Vocal Presets

  1. Smooth Vocals Comp – T-RackS Opto-Compressor 2. -16 LUFS Vocals – TC Electronic Brickwall HD 3. Magic – FabFilter Saturn 2 4. Vocal – Oxford Dynamics 5. Thick Transmitter – Soundtoys Effect Rack 6. VT Female Vocal – PSP oldtimer Multi-band 7. Huge Vocal – Lustrous Plates It’s almost always best to dial […]

How to Use Subtractive EQ: Mastering

  Quick Answer Subtractive Equalization is one of the most important aspects of mastering – with it you can attenuate aspects of the signal prior to them being inevitability amplified by limiting or other increases in the signal’s gain.  Ideally, subtractive equalization occurs first and only once, proper to any additional processing. How to Use […]

Parallel Compression Explained

  Quick Answer Parallel Compression is a way to introduce significant compression to an audio signal without the listener being able to perceive the compression or unwanted artifacts.  Because parallel compression occurs in tandem with the original signal, it can be blended in – making it a great way to subtly increased perceived loudness. Parallel […]

Are Logic Pro X Stock Plugins Any Good?

  Quick Answer Logic Pro X Stock plugins are surprisingly good for both mixing and mastering.  Although you may still want to download or purchase other 2nd and 3rd party plugins, Logic Pro X Stock plugins are good and easy enough to use, to create decent mixes and masters. Are Logic Pro X Stock Plugins […]