Category: Pre-Mastering Tips

Mixing is the process of combining finished recordings together into a song. It often requires very in-depth, specific look into adjusting levels, EQ, and editing to get the best possible sounds before a song is ready to be mastered. Not every problem with a mix can be fixed during mastering, and these tips should help provide a solid starting point for your mastering engineer.

Is Mastering Needed For Distribution?

  Quick Answer Yes, in most circumstances mastering is needed in order to prepare a project for distribution.  Although the choice to master your music depends on the desired outcome, it is always helpful to have another engineer listen to and assess the quality of your project before it’s distributed. Is Mastering Necessary, in Detail […]

Master Music for Streaming

  Quick Answer Mastering music for streaming is the process of preparing a song or project for distribution on a digital streaming platform.  When doing so, the process is similar to a typical mastering session, but the song’s LUFS and the intended platform’s loudness normalization process need to be kept in mind. Mastering Music for […]

Mastering for Rock Music

  Quick Answer Mastering for Rock music is the process of preparing a rock song or project for distribution, all while keeping the unique sonic characteristics of the rock genre in mind.  Rock has many sub-genres that will determine the type of processing used, as well as the extent to which transients are preserved. Mastering […]

What is Digital Mastering?

  Mastering is sometimes an elusive aspect of post-production.  Although it’s certainly needed, what it means can be unclear. It may be surprising then that mastering takes multiple forms, and can be categorized based on processing type, the medium the song will be distributed on, and even the genre or style of the production being […]

Choosing the Best Mastering Studio: Independent Artists

  Choosing a mastering studio to work on your project can be overwhelming. If you’re an indie artist, there are so many factors you need to keep in mind, to successfully release a project.  With that said the hard work and dedication you have for your project should be matched by any professional you choose […]

How to Mix Your Music Using Psychoacoustics

  Quick Answer: To mix with psychoacoustics, first consider the many unique ways with which the ear and brain receive and interpret sound.  Some things that can be utilized are the ‘Fletcher-Munson Curve’ when using equalization, the ‘Haas Effect’ when implementing spacial design, and the ‘Phantom Fundamental Effect’ when recreating low end frequencies. Psychoacoustics in […]

What is Mastering for Cassette

  Quick Answer: Mastering for Cassette tape is the process of creating a distribution-ready sequence of songs, that can be recorded onto the cassette medium.  The process of mastering for cassette depends heavily on the tape type that will be used, as it affects distortion, frequency response, and the sequencing of tracks. Mastering for Cassette […]

What is Analog Mastering?

  Quick Answer:  Analog mastering is the process of making a mix ready for distribution, while solely using analog equipment.  Analog equipment offers sonic characteristics that are different than the more modern and common digital mastering process, making it suited for certain genres and styles of music production. Analog Mastering in Detail: Since the widespread […]

What is Mastering for Vinyl?

  Mastering for Vinyl Quick Answer: Mastering for vinyl is the process of creating a separate master that can be cut into a vinyl record without added unwanted distortion.  It consists of a mono stereo image up to 150Hz, a tamed high end, and if needed, a track listing that is consistent with the frequency […]