Genelec's Monitor Positioning App Published in Pre-Mastering

Genelec's SpeakerAngle App makes dialing in your monitors easy.

Having a great set of multi monitors is an essential element in your music production studio. But, how you position those monitors can have a significant impact on their overall delivery of sound and the quality of their performance.

For a basic guide, check out our post on positioning your studio monitors. To go with that post, we wanted to share a tool that can make setting up your monitors easier, and more precise. It costs only one dollar and can be downloaded to your phone.

SpeakerAngle from Genelec -- maker of a range of well-respected monitoring systems -- is an Android and iOS app that turns your phone into a monitor positioning tool. It uses the accelerometer in your phone or tablet to help you angle your speakers properly on your studio desk.

SpeakerAngle works by starting with your monitors pointed perpendicular (90 degrees) to the back wall, or aimed straight forward. Then, by placing your phone on the top of one of your monitors, you can begin to angle or “toe” in that speaker. The app will tell you the angular degree you’ve turned the speaker in.

Most studios will work well with each speaker angled in around 30 degrees, making an equilateral triangle between the two monitors and the ears of the listener. The distance should be equal between the center of two monitors and the from each monitor’s tweeter to the head of the listener.

The goal is to have sound delivered to you at the exact same time from both monitors, so that you get the most accurate playback when mixing and mastering. You should also aim to have the tweeter of your monitors at ear level height.

Having your monitors properly dialed in is an important part of setting your studio up to hear the truth of your mix. It enables your to produce an accurate stereo image. The SpeakerAngle app from Genelec is a simple, straightforward tool that makes doing that fairly easy.