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With countless musicians, bands, and artist out there it is important to stand out from the crowd in the music world. Marketing, advertising, merchandising, branding, touring, and countless other avenues are out there to help expand your musical empire. The key is knowing and understanding how to use these aspects for your benefit, which is what these articles will try to help you to achieve.

The World Class Talent Search

Here at Sage Audio we have the opportunity to work with artists, bands, and songwriters that come from a variety of different musical backgrounds and play every style of music imaginable because we are fortunate enough to work with artists that come from all over the world on a daily basis. Seeing how much talent is out there in the music industry and realizing how highly competitive it is in today’s economy it is now more important than ever to have the right team to help guide your careers and make them become successful and most of all get noticed. Our friends at World Class Talent and Productions do just that with over 25 years of experience they have helped many artists including but not limited to Barbara Mandrell, Randy Travis, Pat Boone, Ricky Skaggs, Michael W. Smith, Lorrie Morgan, and Jars of Clay. The experience through the staff members goes back further than 25 years though by also working with top producers Dick Clark, Michael Omartian, Don Cook, Darren Smith and other well-known artists such as N’SYNC, Gladys Knight, Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Jim Nabors, Tiny Tim, Kid Rock, and Bekka Bramlett. World Class Talent and Productions certainly have the knowledge and experience to help manage both independent and established artist alike and they are currently offering an opportunity to help take your music to the next level by offering artists a real chance to get their music heard and who knows maybe you could be the next big star. Go check them out today:

How To Get A Record Deal | Do Artists Need A Manager?

A music manager takes care of aspects of a band that range from negotiating booking rates, to paying taxes, to setting up the band as a business, and much more. The managers actual role will vary depending on the artist and what they need done. Managers typically charge a percentage of income and the standard amount varies from about 15-20%. One of the best ways for a manager to make money is by providing the artist with a record deal although it’s not a necessity for a manager to do this but it will boost both of your careers. Whether you have a manager or not always be sure to involve a lawyer in the process of any contracts that come your way.

Strategies for How to Market your Facebook Band Page

Facebook is the largest social networking site currently and it just so happens to be the second most visited website in the world. This is one great reason you should use Facebook to your advantage and set up a band page to help further your marketing strategies. Once you have your Facebook page set up it is crucial that in order to keep your fans and audience connected with you that you respond and stay interactive with them. On Facebook it is also possible to post songs and if you have a CDBaby account you can also sell your music on Facebook as well.

The Benefit of Getting an Indie Label Contract

We take a close look at some specific advantages and disadvantages of signing with an Indie Label. Every artist, band, and independent artist has their own unique path to follow. Every step leads you into a new direction and into a new learning experience. Many independent artists have thought about being on an Indie Label or actually pursuing it, but many labels in the music industry have there there are ups and downs. It is the artist that chooses what path best suits them, much like the sound of the music they play. With Indie Labels you will generally have more freedom and an added bonus of splitting profits evenly between the label and the artist.

Album Release | Pay-What-You-Want Model

The Pay-What-You-Want model seems to barely exist now. Radiohead released their album In Rainbows with the Pay-What-You-Want model which was a success. This opened new doors to the digital music industry including services like Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify. These new services have taken a big part of the community in the digital music industry.

How to Get a Record Deal: What is a 360 Record Contract?

Sage Audio takes a look at the record contract known as a 360 deal. A 360 deal entitles the label to more of the artist’s income from sources other than record sales. Also the label typically agrees to invest more money in all aspects of the artist’s career including touring, merchandise, etc. Depending on the artist will depend on whether a 360 contract will work or not. It is best to have a lawyer present in any contracts to be signed to make sure the agreement is as fairs as possible.

How to Get a Record Deal: Types of Record Deals

Sage Audio looks at the different types of record deals in today’s music industry. An Exclusive Record Contract puts the artist under the management of a label. An Independent Label Contract may let the artist retain the right to their music but it may only cover the recording and not promotion or vice versa. There are many different ways that an Independent Label Contract can be worked out among the artist and the label. A 360 Record Contract puts the label in more control of all aspects of an artist’s career, including publishing, touring, and merchandise. In exchange for the label providing more support, all revenue is split.

Facebook | Music Tab in News Feed

Sage Audio explores what Facebook’s new music tab and redesigned news feed mean for musicians. Facebook’s new music tab is located in the categories section along with games and photos. On the upside Facebook is trying to start giving more emphasis on music but it does have a downside unfortunately. With Facebook the user is in more control of what they see in the news feed and can block what they don’t want to see or more specifically block certain people, bands, and artists from what they see or even post. This way it does make it harder for independent artists to reach out to new fans on Facebook but it does allow them to still have a following of current fans. Through current fans liking the bands page it will help spread the word or even if current fans post about them it will help spread the word but Facebook still has a long way to go to become musician friendly.

How to Get a Record Deal as an Independent Artist: An Overview

Sage Audio kicks off its ‘How to Get a Record Deal Series’ with an overview of today’s recording deals. Many artists make good livings doing everything themselves but it’s not to say that it couldn’t always get better. Digital music and digital distribution is extremely important in today’s society. Because of iTunes and other internet radio services bringing in revenue for artists there are still other artists who want a venue to display physical copies. It is always good to have a record company foot the bill for an artist’s studio time that may bring them to the next level in their career.

Chartburst: Helping Indie Artists Get A Record Deal

Chartburst is a new service that sends the most popular independent music, as voted by fans, to representatives at major record labels. Labels only promise that they will provide email feedback but the founder of Chartburst realizes that the site depends on record contracts. Chartburst charges a monthly fee for an artist to submit their music after they have evaluated a free two-month trial.