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Digital recording is the process of converting your music performance into a digital audio file on a computer. This is done using an analog to digital (A/D) converter, often called an interface. Recording is the bread and butter of the music production process and there are practically unlimited ways as to how it can be done. From everything to mic placement techniques to new gear and how to use it, our aim is to give you practical tips you can use to make better recordings in your studio. Generally, recording audio can be broken down into two categories: analog and digital. While digital is by far the most popular and cost effective today, some producers prefer to still record using older analog formats, like tape. They do this because they feel it makes a warmer, fuller sound. There is some truth to that claim, but digital recording still sounds good and is also in a state of evolution as high fidelity audio systems have become more commercially appealing and affordable. We hope to cover both types of recording for you, but will talk about digital recording primarily because it’s more prolific.

Top 10 Affordable Audio Interfaces

    Quick Answer 10. RME Babyface Pro 24-channel USB Audio Interface 9. Roland Studio-Capture USB Audio Interface 8. TASCAM Celesonic US-20×20 USB 3.0 Audio Interface 7. PreSonus Studio 1810c USB-C Audio Interface 6. Peavey PV 6 v2 Mixer with USB 5. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII SOLO 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with UAD DSP […]

Top 10 Free Eq Plugins

    Quick Answer, in No Particular Order EQ1A: Mellowmuse TinyQ: lkjb PTEq-1A: Ignite Labs PTEq-X: Ignite Labs QRange: lkjb LCF: Analog Obsession Rare: Analog Obsession SonEQ: Sonimus  Overtone GEQ: Voxengo Marvel GEQ: Voxengo Top 10 Free Eq Plugins in Detail All of the plugins on this list are completely free and can be easily […]

What is a Recording Engineer?

    Quick Answer A recording engineer is responsible for recording during the tracking and overdub sessions of the recording process.  A recording engineer needs to have a comprehensive understanding of acoustics, tape machine or DAW operation, gain staging, mic placement, and microphone types, and the studio gear used for recording. What is a Recording […]

What is a Music Producer?

    Quick Answer A Music Producer contributes at least one of the following to the production of a song, EP, or album: Overview and organization, music performance, tracking, mixing and effects processing, and coaching and inspiration.  Being a music producer means knowing how you can positively affect the music production process. What is a […]

Top 10 Audio File Formats

  Audio formats can become complex pretty quickly.  There are a lot to choose from, and picking the best one for your professional audio needs, or just for casual listening can easily become daunting. Fortunately, there are ways to determine which audio format is best for you. We’ll be ranking the top 10 audio formats […]

What is the Future of Music?

  This is certainly not the easiest question – but one that deserves speculation nonetheless. Since music is such an integral part of our daily lives, to ask “what is the future of music?” is really to ask a question about ourselves, and how music will continue to shape how we live. The future of […]

How to Know Everything About Your Plugin

  If you’ve ever been made curious or confused by a plugin, you’re not alone. At one point or another, we’ve all looked at a plugin and not known what the settings or functions meant, or what they did. Although some functions are the same from plugin to plugin (i.e. ratios on compressors, or bands […]

What You Need to Know About the SSL and 1176 Compressors

  The SSL and 1176 compressors have been wildly popular since their inception.  That’s why it’s so surprising that two of their most unique characteristics have often gone without mention. If you’ve used these compressors, or intend to do so in the future, read along to know some strange but incredibly important facts about how […]

How to Create a Distinctive Lo-Fi Sound

  Lo-fi can be difficult to define.  It’s typically something you can identify once you hear it.   Simply put, lo-fi is a production sound or style opposite to what we perceive to be a high quality recording. Since recording technology is changing, and we base our notion of high definition on the recording technology […]

How to Pitch Shift Without Losing Quality

  Sampling and pitch shifting often go hand in hand.   Altering a sample’s pitch to give it a unique characteristic is great in theory. If used excessively, the quality of the sample can degrade quickly. With a bit of planning, and the use of a 96kHz. file, clean pitch shifting can be accomplished. Alter […]