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Top 10 Recording Mistakes to Avoid

Published in Mixing

Let’s cover 10 recording mistakes to avoid. We’ll look at each common mistake in detail and explain why they should be avoided.

Top 10 Free Audio Sample Websites

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FreeSound, MusicRader, SampleSwap, Hip-Hop Makers, Sample Focus, Bedroom Producers, Sound Packs, NASA Audio Collection

Top 5 Free Synth Instrument Plugins

Published in Audio Plugins

A good sounding synth can be hard to come by. Sometimes they have too particular of a sound that doesn’t exactly match the genre you’re creating.

Top 7 Free Drum Virtual Instrument Plugins

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Expanding your samples of drums and loops can only serve to help your productions and provide your fans with a unique listening experience.

Top 10 Monitor Controllers

Published in Mastering

Monitor controllers are an important part of any growing or established studio.

Professional Recording in a Home Studio

Published in Pre-Mastering

Creating a professional recording in a home studio comes down to setting up the room correctly, using the best introductory equipment, recording your signal to the proper level (at least -18dB), and recording your instruments in the correct order.

Take Your Samples to the Next Level

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You can improve the sound of your samples by adding specific processing to them, based on which type of sample you’re using and the effects they may already have on them. Additionally, certain techniques such as midi-controlled samples and midi-effects can take your samples to a new level.

How to Process Vocals Like a Pro

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Record Your Vocal at the Proper Recording Level. Use Clip Gain to Balance Out Excessive Dynamics. Start your Signal Chain with Subtractive EQ. Compress the Vocal and Perform the Correct Make-Up Gain. Implement Harmonic Generation or Subtle Distortion. Amplify Aspects of the Vocal that you Like with Additive EQ. Use an Aux Send to Add Reverb to Your Vocal. Use an Aux Send to Add Delay to Your Vocal. Implement Volume and Plugin Automation

What is Stereo Imaging?

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Stereo Imaging is the manipulation of a signal within a 180-degree stereo field, for the purpose of creating a perception of locality within that field. Stereo imaging is used during tracking, mixing, and mastering and is used to create a sense of space for the listener.

Top 10 Affordable Studio Microphones

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What makes a great studio microphone? Is it the price tag, or the flexibility - the impressiveness or the technical specifications?