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In the world of recording that is constantly changing and evolving, it is important to stay up to date on the technology and gear that is available. Doing this will ensure that the music that you are creating and/or producing is keeping up with the competition and sounding its best. This section outlines optimal gear, instruments, software, and anything else that you as an artist or engineer will need to stay up to date in the music industry.

5 Great Ribbon Mics Pt. 1

Getting a killer mix and master starts with a great recording. Using the right mic plays a big role in getting that recording. Ribbon mics are great for their smooth tones and warm mid-range. Here are some top models worth investing in.

The Top 3 Portable Recorders

If you want to be able to create high-quality recordings without lugging around your laptop, interface, hard drive, and mics, prepare to be amazed at what any of these three portable digital recorders can do. For $200 or less, you can create studio-quality recordings with a device that pits in your pocket. Here are the top three digital recorders worth investing in.

The $5,000 Home Studio Pt. 2

Making the most of today’s music tools, one can build a viable recording studio for under $5,000. In our first post, we recommended a DAW, interface and hard drive. In this post, we’ll show you excellent options for monitors, room treatments, microphones and a MIDI controller that will cover more than your basic needs and still keep you on budget.

The $5,000 Home Studio Pt. 1

Every year, it’s becoming more and more affordable to build a professional-quality recording studio. Because of this, many artists are opting to record their music in their own homes rather than pay studio fees that can add up to the tens of thousands of dollars. We wanted to see what kind of studio could be built with $5,000 taking advantage of the latest technology. Here’s what we came up with…

The Easiest Way to Learn Music Theory

Whether you’re an amateur or expert producer, one of the most important disciplines is to study and learn from great music. There’s now an online tool that can streamline that process and quickly teach the music theory behind thousands of pieces of music, Hooktheory. Here’s how Hooktheory may completely upgrade your songwriting process.

Modern Producers Is A One Stop Shop

We’re partnering with Modern Producers, a music production studio that makes high-quality loops, VSTs, plugins and custom vocal performances for producers of pop, hip-hop, EDM and orchestral music. With the tools offered by Modern Producers, anyone from seasoned producers to bedroom composers can find a unique element to take their music to the next level.

3 Great Drum Sample Libraries

You can create some killer sounding drum tracks these days using just MIDI and a decent drum sample library. It’s also a great way to save money from the cost live tracking a drum set. Here are three drum libraries that sound excellent and will bring a professional sound to your mix and master.

The Best $130 Accessory for Mixing

While the digital age of recording certainly has brought some huge advantages to producers and artists, one of the liabilities of the proliferation of virtual music technology is the transformation from knobs, faders and buttons to a mouse and click interface. Despite digital advancements, many artists and engineers still prefer the aesthetic and enchantment of working with physical interfaces to manipulate parameters. Here’s a $130 device that lets you get the best of both worlds.

Top Three 61-Key MIDI Controllers

As samples have become more prolific, more affordable and a lot better sounding, the MIDI controller has become one of the most important tools in the modern digital studio. With added features like professional grade knobs, faders and pads. The newest generation of MIDI controllers can also provide a boost to your mixing workflow as well as the fastest way to program samples. Here are three of the best 61-key controllers available right now.