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Nielsen Reports Vinyl Rise

Nielsen, one of the top music industry reporting agencies, has released its middle of the year report. Overall albums sales have dropped due to the increasing popularity of streaming, while vinyl record sales have jumped a remarkable 40%. Here’s why one of recorded music’s oldest formats may be the key to producing a profitable album.

New Album Format: The App

You can add the mobile app to your list of possible album formats. Norwegian artist Jarie Bernhoft released an app for his newest album that allows fans to listen to it in HD, make their own remixes, watch 3D video and view exclusive material and photos. So far, the fan response has been good and some music industry watchers are saying it could pave the way for the future of iOS music.

Geek Wave | The Best HD Audio Player Yet

Another commercially-focused HD audio player is coming to the music world. The Geek Wave, a mobile audiophile-grade DAC by Light Harmonics, raised over 3,000 per cent of its IndieGoGo campaign goal. It features the ability to playback virtually any digital audio format available, from MP3 to DSD128–all for less than $500.

New SoundCloud App Disappoints

SoundCloud released a new version of its iPhone app this month, which eliminated many of its best features for artists. Gone are the abilities to comment, “like,” or even easily explore new releases from your favorite streams. Not unexpectedly, many producers and artists have voiced their disappointment with the app, citing a complete disregard for the experience of the musicians.

Can Big Studios Survive?

One of Nashville’s most iconic recording spaces nearly closed down this past month, and it raises the question about the viability of big studios in the age of digital recording. Among the many obstacles studios face, here are three key challenges that are going to directly affect the business of big studios.

Indies’ New Streaming Model

In reaction to the low profitability of mainstream streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, some independent record labels and artists are creating their own subscription streaming models as an alternative for loyal fans and a new model for selling their music. This new model could be the answer to both further engaging loyal fans digitally, and reclaiming lost revenue to big streaming services.

IFPI 2014 Digital Music Report

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry just released their annual Digital Music Report. The free document provides statistics and trends on how the music industry performed last year. Among its findings is the confirmation that subscription streaming services have grown significantly. Here’s what else the report had to show.

4 Top Online Distribution Services

Thanks to the numerous distribution channels available online, it’s easy to share and sell your music with the world. With the advent of distribution services to help you get your music in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and others, there are a lot of options for publishing your music online. Here’s an overview of the costs and services offered by four of the most popular music distribution services.