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What is Gating?

If you’re ever in a place where you need to cut out some background noise in a track, or have an effect apply only to the louder part of a track, gating is your best bet. Gating allows you to set a dynamic threshold as an on/off switch for an effect. The most popular use of gating is with a noise gate, where everything below a dynamic threshold automatically has a gain of zero. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of gating and how you can use it.

Mixing Through Cassette

Some indie producers have rediscovered cassette as a medium for adding analog color into their mix. While this is, for the most part, not the best way to add warmth to digital recordings, there are some cool effects that can be had by incorporating an cassette deck insert into your workflow.

The Best Orchestral Samples pt. 2

One of the ways the music production world is most rapidly changing is through the proliferation of incredibly powerful and beautiful sample libraries. There’s no place this change is more felt than with orchestras, where even the most expensive sample libraries pale in cost comparison to that of recording with live musicians. Here are some more of the best orchestral sample libraries you should check out.

The Best Orchestra Samples pt. 1

One of the biggest money-saving technologies of the modern digital recording age is the use of high end instrument samples. Whereas traditional composers would have been prohibited to produce music within a budget of who they can afford to hire and record, now an entire orchestral track of music can be produced with samples costing less than a one hour recording session with a live group of musicians. Here are some of the best orchestral sample libraries available.

Foolproof Vocal Recording pt. 2

Following up on our last post on the basic technical rules of vocal recording, here are three basics for getting the best performance from your singer. A better performance makes for a better recording and, ultimately, a better mix and master. Stick to these principles and you’ll be on the right track to getting a great sound.