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4 Tips for Releasing Your Album

Album sales have been declining steadily for the past decade, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your new album. The key to a successful album release today is to offer to your fans what the streaming experience cannot. Here are four tips for doing just that.

Garth Brooks Tries Direct-To-Fans Model

One of the growing trends in music publishing is direct-to-fan sales. Artists of all calibers and levels of popularity look for new ways to create revenue in the face of declining album sales. Some artists like Garth Brooks have opted to skirt iTunes and sell their music through their own channels. While it can be a gamble, it can also mean bigger profits.

The Easiest Way to Learn Music Theory

Whether you’re an amateur or expert producer, one of the most important disciplines is to study and learn from great music. There’s now an online tool that can streamline that process and quickly teach the music theory behind thousands of pieces of music, Hooktheory. Here’s how Hooktheory may completely upgrade your songwriting process.

The Future According to Taylor Swift

In a recent Wall Street Journal OP-ED, Taylor Swift shared an overall optimistic view of the future of the music industry. While new challenges certainly do exist for artists, the world’s top-selling musician believes that the key to success in the future is doing a better job of engaging fans and creating memorable experiences for them.

Pandora Pioneers Indie Alliance

Pandora has pioneered an agreement with indie rights coalition, Merlin, to skirt the standard rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board. This will offer independent artists better pay per stream and better exposure on the streaming service. The deal is the first of its kind, enabling independent labels and distributors to negotiate with a major streaming service directly.

3 Tips for Producing an EP

Producing an EP can be one of the most challenging and rewarding projects for an independent artist. It can also be the stepping stone into professional music. Here are three tips that will help you achieve the sound and quality you desire, regardless of your budget.

3 Reasons Why Net Neutrality Matters for You

The continuation of net neutrality, the principal that says all Internet content ought to be delivered equally and fairly, is now under serious consideration by FCC after a court ruling in January. If the FCC decides to allow the ruling to stand, effectively abolishing the rule of net neutrality, the effects will almost certainly be detrimental to independent artists and musicians. Here are three ways it could specifically ruin the Internet for indies.

Indies’ New Streaming Model

In reaction to the low profitability of mainstream streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, some independent record labels and artists are creating their own subscription streaming models as an alternative for loyal fans and a new model for selling their music. This new model could be the answer to both further engaging loyal fans digitally, and reclaiming lost revenue to big streaming services.