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Youtube Stiffs Indie Labels

Youtube’s new streaming service has already locked in deals with the major record labels, but negotiations with indie labels are on the rocks as the video streaming giant is offering them the short end of the stick. Here’s what indie labels are saying about the deal.

Mixing Through Cassette

Some indie producers have rediscovered cassette as a medium for adding analog color into their mix. While this is, for the most part, not the best way to add warmth to digital recordings, there are some cool effects that can be had by incorporating an cassette deck insert into your workflow.

Jack White Finishes Record in Four Hours

Jack White has set a new world record for fastest record, from studio to store, ever made. In another unconventional release from Third Man records, a live version of the title track “Lazaretto” from White’s new album was recorded, mixed, mastered, printed to vinyl 45s, and sold in less than four hours.

Album Art 101

If you self-publish your music, you may want to consider making your own album art. Creating it isn’t as difficult as it seems. By following these three tips you can produce a professional looking cover for your music on your own.

À La Carte Music Collaboration

By leveraging the Internet and today’s recording technology, you can expand your list of musical collaborators and produce recordings with world-class artists for cheaper than ever. À la carte music collaboration means you can work with drummer in one city and a bass player in another, and have your mixing and mastering done across the world. Here are three practical tips for producing an album with à la carte collaboration.