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4 Tips for Releasing Your Album

Album sales have been declining steadily for the past decade, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your new album. The key to a successful album release today is to offer to your fans what the streaming experience cannot. Here are four tips for doing just that.

Top Artists Experiment With Album Release

Two of the biggest acts in music this month have decided to release their albums in very different ways. U2’s “Songs of Innocence” broke the record for largest album release ever by being offered free on iTunes. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is banking the promotion of her new album “1989” on viral social media campaigns by throwing small house parties for her fans. Here’s what these two extremes means for album sales.

Bob Marley Album On Sale, Hits Top 10

After 30 years, Bob Marley’s most iconic album, “Legend,” has finally hit the top 10 on the Billboard 200 weekly list. The +1000% jump in sales was due to the album being made available for only $0.99 on the Google Play music store. The extreme discount of the album is part of a growing trend that seeks to boost album reach and concert sales.

Twitter’s New Buy Button

Twitter is launching a new buy button that will allow artists and businesses to sell music, merchandise and products directly to fans through a tweet. The feature will store users’ payment information and make purchasing new music directly from your favorite artists as easy as hitting a button on your smartphone. If there ever was a case for independent artists to use Twitter, this is it…

Garth Brooks Tries Direct-To-Fans Model

One of the growing trends in music publishing is direct-to-fan sales. Artists of all calibers and levels of popularity look for new ways to create revenue in the face of declining album sales. Some artists like Garth Brooks have opted to skirt iTunes and sell their music through their own channels. While it can be a gamble, it can also mean bigger profits.

Two Unconventional Ways to Build an Online Fan Base

The Internet has afforded today’s musicians some incredible tools for connecting with and building a fan base. And, as online social equity becomes more and more of a status symbol in the music business, it’s never been more important for artists maintain and develop a strong social media following. Here are two less traditional tips for building up your Internet fan base.

What Are Performance Rights Organizations?

One of the trade-offs of having your music available everywhere via the Internet is not being able to monitor where and how your music is being used. Because of this, you could likely miss out on a lot of royalty money you’re owed. Thankfully there are performance rights organizations (PROs) that can help monitor, collect and distribute your royalty payments. Here’s some basic information on how PROs work and how they can help you monetize your music.

4 Top Online Distribution Services

Thanks to the numerous distribution channels available online, it’s easy to share and sell your music with the world. With the advent of distribution services to help you get your music in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and others, there are a lot of options for publishing your music online. Here’s an overview of the costs and services offered by four of the most popular music distribution services.