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New Album Format: The App

You can add the mobile app to your list of possible album formats. Norwegian artist Jarie Bernhoft released an app for his newest album that allows fans to listen to it in HD, make their own remixes, watch 3D video and view exclusive material and photos. So far, the fan response has been good and some music industry watchers are saying it could pave the way for the future of iOS music.

Amazon Launches Prime Music

Amazon launched its new streaming service, Prime Music, last week to become yet another player vying for a piece of the booming music streaming business. The service is offered as a free addition to a Prime subscription but lacks the catalog size of Pandora, Spotify and Rdio as of now.

Our Review of the New Beats Music Service

The much anticipated Beats Music service launched last week and after spending some time with it, here’s our review. For it’s interface and unique curation features, Beats Music wins out over Spotify. But the limited web player version and sound profile could make audiophiles think twice.

Bob Dylan Releases Bootleg Mobile App

Bob Dylan may not be someone you think of as being on the forefront of the digital music revolution, but he’s just released a mobile app. The Bob Dylan Bootleg Series mobile app is a companion to his recently released Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 — Another Self-Portrait (1969-1971). The app is the latest in a recent trend of releasing albums via mobile apps.

The Independent Artist’s Do’s and Don’ts of Releasing Songs

In today’s digital world, it can be hard to fight the urge to immediately release everything you write and record. While releasing new material for your fans can definitely be a good thing, it also doesn’t allow you to really live with your song before you make it available for public consumption. The new iPad app Tape from Focusrite makes this sharing process even easier. We look at whether this is a good thing.

Matchbox Twenty’s Groundbreaking Approach to Mobile Technology

Matchbox Twenty may be a 20 year old band, but they are leading the way in mobile technology for musicians. The group offers a mobile app with geofencing, which can track the location of concertgoers and offer them personalized service. While this kind of technology is out of the reach of most independent artists, the concepts of using technology to interact with fans is something we can all learn from.