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How to Get a Record Deal as an Independent Artist: An Overview

Sage Audio kicks off its ‘How to Get a Record Deal Series’ with an overview of today’s recording deals. Many artists make good livings doing everything themselves but it’s not to say that it couldn’t always get better. Digital music and digital distribution is extremely important in today’s society. Because of iTunes and other internet radio services bringing in revenue for artists there are still other artists who want a venue to display physical copies. It is always good to have a record company foot the bill for an artist’s studio time that may bring them to the next level in their career.

Chartburst: Helping Indie Artists Get A Record Deal

Chartburst is a new service that sends the most popular independent music, as voted by fans, to representatives at major record labels. Labels only promise that they will provide email feedback but the founder of Chartburst realizes that the site depends on record contracts. Chartburst charges a monthly fee for an artist to submit their music after they have evaluated a free two-month trial.