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A Music Insider’s Take On the Next 5 Years

The music industry is changing so fast these days that anyone who claims to know what it will be like in 5 years might seem crazy. However, when an entertainment lawyer for digital music entrepreneurs has some thoughts on the future of the business, it’s worth at least hearing. Here’s the takeaway from Steve Gordon’s recent guest post on Billboard.

HBO’s ‘Sonic Highways’ Will Showcase Iconic Studios & Artists

HBO released a trailer for its new series ‘Sonic Highways’ last week and it looks like one of the coolest ways yet to experience the living history of American music. The 8-episode series premieres next month and will follow the Foo Fighters to historic studios in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Austin, Washington D.C., Seattle and Nashville as they record their forthcoming record of the same name.

Hydra Head Records Closes Its Doors

After nearly 20 years, Hydra Head records has decided to call it quits due to lack of funds. The LA based label that has represented many notable metal acts will cut off new releases starting in December. They have represented metal acts such as Sun O))), Cave In, Harvey Milk, Xasthur, Jesu, Pelican, Lustmord, and Boris. During the next 6-12 months they will be focusing paying back their debts and wanted to thank everyone for their experiences and important music they have worked with.

How to Make a One-Sheet

A one-sheet is a useful tool to get your music heard by sending it to record labels, DJ’s, and magazines. It is a simple, concise sheet included with your CD that summarizes what you’re all about as a band or artist. A well-constructed one-sheet should grab and hold the reader’s attention and ultimately get them to listen to your music and get your music career going. The number one goal when designing you one sheet is simplicity. So try not to complicate it with multiple images, useless information, and numerous fonts.