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Is Myspace the New Social Network for the Independent Artist?

Myspace is coming back to being a brand new social network and finding their own niche in the industry. At this point they are aiming towards consumers involved in the music industry, whether that is an independent artist or just consumers that enjoy listening to internet radio in a sense. Myspace is currently allowing users to create playlists and mixes. While doing so in this social network, they are also able to share those with friends and even create animated GIFs on the website. There are a few concerns with coming into this market again and that could range on whether the name they had before will help or hinder them. Also the market they are trying so hard to get back into has already been saturated by other companies such as Spotify, Pandora, and they will soon have to face Google Play Music All Access and iTunes Radio.

Strategies for How to Market your Facebook Band Page

Facebook is the largest social networking site currently and it just so happens to be the second most visited website in the world. This is one great reason you should use Facebook to your advantage and set up a band page to help further your marketing strategies. Once you have your Facebook page set up it is crucial that in order to keep your fans and audience connected with you that you respond and stay interactive with them. On Facebook it is also possible to post songs and if you have a CDBaby account you can also sell your music on Facebook as well.

Facebook | Music Tab in News Feed

Sage Audio explores what Facebook’s new music tab and redesigned news feed mean for musicians. Facebook’s new music tab is located in the categories section along with games and photos. On the upside Facebook is trying to start giving more emphasis on music but it does have a downside unfortunately. With Facebook the user is in more control of what they see in the news feed and can block what they don’t want to see or more specifically block certain people, bands, and artists from what they see or even post. This way it does make it harder for independent artists to reach out to new fans on Facebook but it does allow them to still have a following of current fans. Through current fans liking the bands page it will help spread the word or even if current fans post about them it will help spread the word but Facebook still has a long way to go to become musician friendly.

Grammys 2013: Illustrates the Power of Social Media for Indie Artists

Grammy Amplifier illustrates the power of social media campaigns for independent artists. Grammy Amplifier was launched by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The site is free and artists can upload songs via SoundCloud. Independent artists should take advantage of social media and use the web marketing of established brands to help promote themselves.

Labbler Launches as a Professional Music Industry Social Network

Labbler is a new social network aimed at connecting all players in the professional music industry. Labbler wants to act as a niche in the music industry world in a similar manner that LinkedIn has for the business professionals. Labbler is offering six different categories that are Artist, Label, Club, Media, Promoter, and Booking. They soon hope to add a Suppliers category that sells digital and physical music. In return would make the site useful for both music fans and music professionals.

MySpace For Artists

MySpace gets a face lift and is focusing on providing a social medium targeted for artists and musicians. MySpace originally was sold in 2005 for $580 million. When the company was sold again in 2011 it was bought for an estimated $35 million. The new Buyers are Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake.