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Independent artists can find themselves running lonely careers through unique hurdles. Which venues in which to perform and when! Which merchandise to market where! How to record with artistic trends without losing originality. Engaging a community of fellow musicians provides a pool of guidance. We can learn from others who are seasoned in the industry. Over the years Sage Audio has found that the same artistic topics arise time and time again. So we decided to shed some light on the questions most frequently asked.

Professional Recording in a Home Studio

  Quick Answer Creating a professional recording in a home studio comes down to setting up the room correctly, using the best introductory equipment, recording your signal to the proper level (at least -18dB), and recording your instruments in the correct order.  To start, ensure your room is sound-proofed. Professional Recording in a Home Studio […]

What is Online Mastering?

    Quick Answer Online Mastering is an automated and algorithm-based mastering service now provided by various companies.  Online Mastering services typically provide quick turnaround and a lower price, but at the expense of potential revisions, high-quality formats, full album mastering, and an ability to process a mix in a unique manner. Online Mastering in […]

Selling Band Merchandise

    If you’re reading this, you have most likely sold merchandise.  You probably already know the basics and the obvious aspects of selling it.  These include but aren’t limited to: Directing fans to your merch table during the show Having someone at your table at all times. If people don’t know where your merchandise […]

Stereo Mastering vs. Stem Mastering

  Quick Answer: Stereo mastering is a mastering process in which one stereo file is used; whereas stem mastering is a mastering process in which multiple instrument groups or stems are used.  Both result in one final stereo file, ready for distribution; however, each results in slightly different sonic characteristics and are better suited for […]

What is the Future of Music?

  This is certainly not the easiest question – but one that deserves speculation nonetheless. Since music is such an integral part of our daily lives, to ask “what is the future of music?” is really to ask a question about ourselves, and how music will continue to shape how we live. The future of […]

Choosing the Best Mastering Studio: Independent Artists

  Choosing a mastering studio to work on your project can be overwhelming. If you’re an indie artist, there are so many factors you need to keep in mind, to successfully release a project.  With that said the hard work and dedication you have for your project should be matched by any professional you choose […]

How to Tour Successfully: A Complete Guide to Making Money on the Road

  Touring can offer a viable method for sustaining a band.  Countless artists rely on their ability to tour to build and maintain their music career.   If you intend to be one of these artists, there are somethings to take into consideration before leaving for tour.  To tour successfully, before leaving for tour, make sure […]

Your Personal Online Drumming Mentor

Daniel Hadaway is a Nashville next door neighbor to us here at Sage Audio.  He’s been the drummer for Grammy-nominated duo All Sons & Daughters. He’s also been the touring drummer for many other artists like Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James, Stephanie Smith, The Rival and others.  He’s transformed his career into nationally coaching drummers online and runs the ONLY podcast just for drummers. We sat down with him to get some insight on how he made the switch from on the road to being a drummer’s career coach.

Combing Through Music Licenses

Does working through the confusing topic of music licenses get exhausting?  In this article were combing through music licenses asking questions like:
What are music licenses? What types of music licenses are there and how are they different? How are royalties calculated from these different music licenses?