Category: Making Money

Independent artist's usually make money through a combination of things. Understanding how to tap into different streams of revenue in the industry can give you more freedom to focus on your music.

Combing Through Music Licenses

Does working through the confusing topic of music licenses get exhausting?  In this article were combing through music licenses asking questions like:
What are music licenses? What types of music licenses are there and how are they different? How are royalties calculated from these different music licenses?

What are Mechanical Royalties?

The simple understanding of Mechanical Royalties are royalties that are paid to a songwriter whenever a copy of their song is made.  As with many avenues in the music industry, it’s always a little more complicated then it can seem.  So, we’ve tried to simply it here.

Tips On Songwriting

There is no one formula to songwriting. Song composer is a unique experience that is based around talent, creativity and discipline. You can however purposefully engage with your talent, creativity and discipline to make the most out of the song writing process.

Merchandise Distribution Companies 

All artist’s know how good it feels to see your band’s name or logo on a button, poster, or t-shirt. But, more important than that euphoria, merchandise done well can be an important money making tool. In our previous article “Merchandise Tips” we discussed multiple tips that can aid independent artists in everything from creative branding to inventory. The next best step is to look at some of the different Physical and Digital Merchandise companies our artists have recommended and a few details of what they offer.    

Performance Rights Organizations

Performance Rights Organizations ensure musicians and publishers receive their royalty payments after public performances. What qualifies as a public performance? Understanding the many different performances areas that are considered public could open up new streams of revenue for you.

Royalties Simplified

Sometime songwriters assume they are only owed a royalty if someone else is playing their song live. Did you know that anytime your recorded or live song is played in public you’re owed a royalty? Even if YOU’RE the one performing the song. It’s important to know that as the copyright owner, you should receive a royalty every time you even play your own music.  In this article we’re simplifying royalties and looking at the basic’s of what you could be receiving.