Sage Audio Mastering Reviews

It's wonderful to hear from the bands and artists who love their mastered songs. The following testimonials and reviews are a small sample of the praise we get on a regular basis. There is a reason our clients come back, and we're happy to have such great feedback and awesome music to work with! If you would like to hear a sample of what we can do for your music for free, please register and upload a sample track. We'll master it and send you back a preview at no cost, so you'll understand exactly why our clients love us.

"Could I really expect the same amount of awareness from Sage Audio, deep in the heart of the Country capitol of the world? Well, yes I bloody well could! These masters are outstanding. Each track has been completely lifted without losing any of the balance or dynamic contrast."
"Hi Steve, Don't Hold Me sounds great! We are extremely pleased with the quality of your work. We received samples from 4 different mastering engineers, and yours is simply the best (not to mention, your prices are unbelievable)! We'd definitely like to master the rest of our EP with you."
When Heaven Falls
"Hi Steve! Thank you so much for everything! I've just finished hearing the whole album and feel completely satisfied with the results! What we've been working on these last days, is our debut album released in July last year. We never felt satisfied with the mix nor the mastering until now, I have to say this has been an awesome experience, you nailed it completely! We'll be talking again real soon, guys rock!"
"Awesome! Sounds great, I'm definitely going to recommend you guys to every other band I come into contact with. It's unusual to find good and trustworthy customer service these days and you have definitely been worth your weight in platinum."
The Ancient Void
"Thanks again for everything! You truly did wonders with 'Tell Me.' I never could have imagined it would have sounded so good!"
Kevin Martinez
"Steve did some mastering for me recently... sounded KILLER! Very impressed with his work... compared it to some samples I got done of the same songs at some of Nashville's most expensive and prestigious mastering institutes... Steve's work stands out amongst the rest."
Nathaniel Maddux
"Sounds Great!! Great job. I will give you a call tomorrow. Definitely want you guys to master the new album."
"Hey guys, just wanted to thank you I'll be doing a lot of work with u in the near and far future, you guys are more reliable then some of the high end studios here in Miami Florida, I love your customer service skills and quick responses thanks again, it's a blessing to have a dedicated professionals to work with."
"I'm not just enjoying! I'll send you all my demos and projects from now on !! I'm extremely glad I found you!"
"I was looking for a cost-effective and professional mastering service, and Sage Audio has exceeded all expectations. They're professional, friendly, they follow artistic direction, the web site is easy to use and intuitive, they respond quickly, turnaround is on time and often early, and most of all, the mastering work is superb. When I listened to their before and after mastering samples, I wondered if I'd hear the same difference on my tracks. Indeed I did, and I'm not disappointed. I'd highly recommend Sage Audio to any musician."
"Thanks Steve, I listened the song. Sounds Amazing!!!. I have to talk to the band and then I will send you the rest of the songs."
"Can you please tell Steve that I love him! I recorded these songs in my bedroom and Steve makes them sound like I recorded them in a major label studio! I will definitely be sending the rest of my album to be mix and mastered by him! Sage Audio Rocks!"
"Steve. I am speechless. It sounds so warm and full. The edges blend perfectly. Amazing job. I will send the other two tracks this week. Hopefully by Friday morning. Thanks!!!"
James Locklear
"Wow really like it, I'm trying different online mastering services and so far you have been the best, even better than Masterdisk, I hope to work with you as soon as i finish mixing..."
"Hi Steve! This time you nailed it... I just downloaded the full song yesterday and I've been checking it in every speaker I could find - you definitely added clarity and punch to it and all this without over-compression. Great job!"
"Oh My Gosh!!!! It sounds freaking awesome!!! Now that's how a finished song is supposed to sound. Yes, I've listened to the original and there is a major difference."
"Beautiful!!!! Thanks Steve you have a satisfied customer over here!!! I'll be sending you some more songs soon!!!"

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