Sage Audio Mastering Samples

Below are examples of before and after mastering at Sage. To keep the download and playback times small, they were exported as lossy 160Kb/s mp3 files, however they should give the listener a good idea of what mastering is and how it affects a song. To keep a consistent listening experience some of the original sample volumes were raised. We suggest listening with a good pair of headphones or reference monitors to best hear the subtle differences.

Marcus Sezabo Album Cover
  • Marcus Sezabo
Cody Belew Album Cover
  • Cody Belew
Brent Perry Album Cover
  • Brent Perry
Chris James Album Cover
  • Chris James
All Hands Album Cover
  • All Hands
Kenzie Gregg Album Cover
  • Kenzie Gregg
Prospect Album Cover
  • Prospect
Phoenix Music Group Album Cover
  • Phoenix Music Group
Terra Lumina Album Cover
  • Terra Lumina
Bear & Cat Album Cover
  • Bear & Cat
Ethan Album Cover
  • Ethan
The Rhine Tones Album Cover
  • The Rhine Tones
Element Of Chaos Album Cover
  • Element Of Chaos
Kevin Carter Album Cover
  • Kevin Carter